[generic] Yee - Haw! Sell me on some Wild West RPGs

I'm just about to finally dive into Red Dead Redemption 2 - so as a pre-emptive query, can Taverners recommend me any good Wild West RPGs? I'm kinda thinking just straight Western; I'm sorta done with Deadlands for now. I've already dug out Dust Devils, which looks bloody good, but are there any trad games that aren't rubbish?


I've never really found one that inspired me, although I do think that a less-weird take on Deadlands would work as the poker cards were fun.
Dogs in the Vineyard was interesting, and definitely leans towards the Western, but is it the vibe you want?

There was one called Six Bullets to Vengeance that I saw some interesting beta notes on way back, but I've never seen a released copy.

Of course, Boot Hill has been re-released as POD and PDF: http://www.rpgnow.com/browse.php?keywords=boot+hill&x=0&y=0&author=&artist=&pfrom=&pto=

I'm avoiding RDR2 as I think I'll get lost in it.
Six Bullets was a game that Andrew Kenrick was developing. It wasn't specifically western, but rather was a retrospective game where you started out (iirc) with no bullets and told the story of who had shot who and why, until there were six Bullets. So it could totally be a reverse Quick and the Dead scenario
Off the top of my head, the afore-mentioned Boot Hill, FGU’s Wild West, GURPs Old West, the Castle Falkenstein supplement Six-Guns & Sorcery, and Dust Devils amongst others. I’m sure I have others in my collection.

Of those, I’ve played Boot Hill - which turned into a skirmish game. And I think that’s the problem with the genre - the trope is the shoot-out, so all too often you end up playing a skirmish game not a RPG.
A bit off topic but I would do a bit of research and then convert to a system that I would like to use.
For me I would go for a ‘Deadwood’ vibe and use Cortex+.
It’s important to carry the genre flavour and all the trappings across.
Thanks for the responses! As a connoisseur of indie hawtness from years ago I have copies of Dust Devils and Dogs in the Vineyard, so that's my magnetic fish (or poker hand card / dice mechanics to be accurate) scratched. I suspect Boot Hill is unlikely to pass my "not rubbish" requirement, but I'll see if I can get a look at it.

I like the idea of Cortex+ - or, I guess, Hillfolk (which I'm more familiar with) or a similar relationship-y system. Oh and I remembered about Down Darker Trails, too. So much wild west goodness.
Have you looked at the "A Fistful Of Darkness" hack for Blades in the Dark.. its a lot of fun.
There is also a great little Cypher system wild west setting in "Worlds Numberless and Strange" for the Strange
And there is Wild West Cinema, which looks okay but I've never actually played it - just picked up the pdf from RPGNow at some point.
Shotguns & Saddles (by Dave Bezio, Grey Area Games) has an old school vibe and is pretty good. My own Go Fer Yer Gun! (loosely based off Castles & Crusades) has been around for years now. Blood & Bullets (based off Swords & Wizardry) is a free d/l on my website (Beyond Belief Games). Wild West Light and The Eerie West are much more recent releases on RPGNOW and are based off S&W light.
Funnily enough I came to post "No I can't, but with RDR being such a hit I would not be surprised if we saw more" and that's the reason you are looking. :)