X! Series of Golden Age Comic Book Games (Pulp)

So, after writing Light Superheroes & Wild West Light (both based on S&W Light), I decided to publish a series of expanded (to 6th level) rpgs based on the same rules but with appropriate mods to suit the genre.

I started with Superheroes X! - adding 2 new classes, extra powers and other stuff to take characters to level 6.

Now the titles are:
  • Superheroes X!
  • The Eerie West X!
  • Space Adventures X!
  • Terror Tales X!
  • Uncanny War Stories X!
  • Screaming Seas X!
  • Lies & Spies X!
Barring Superheroes X! (which has 28 pages, simply due to detailing powers) all are in the page range 14-20 or so. They are very tight, leave a lot to the GM to interpret (just as in S&W light), most have adventure seeds and some setting/genre specific rules (like car chases in Lies & Spies X! and gunfights in The Eerie West X!).

All are available at RPGNow in PDF and in POD from LULU at very reasonable prices.