[OQ] Which way for OpenQuest?

Which of the two approaches to a new OpenQuest do you favour?

  • 1. A single book polished up OpenQuest 2 with new art

    Votes: 4 100.0%
  • 2. A new edition called OpenQuest 3, with new art, split over three books

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


OK I'm gearing up to a tenth-anniversary version of OpenQuest in 2019, probably Kickstarting it over the summer.

Obviously, I've got my thoughts on what I'd like to change. I've got two approaches I could take which fall broadly between two extremes.

Approach 1. OpenQuest 2 tidied up. Minimal changes, another editorial pass/proof, all new art from the current stable of D101 Artists, reintroduce the Empire of Gatan overview that was taken out in the last version and release the book as an all in one inclusive rulebook. Emphasis on polish rather than big rules changes.

Approach 2. OpenQuest 3 a more radical revision of the rules and presentation. Spilt the current 8 by 11 inch 250+ page book into three 6 x 9-inch books: Book 1: Rules + Magic, Book 2 D100 World Builders (GM's book) Book 3 Bestiary. Under this approach, OpenQuest Basics (the current free pdf/low-cost 6x9 inch book) becomes a free artless Book 1 in pdf only. Rules would also get a good going over and it would be a proper new version, called OpenQuest 3 - where there would be big changes such as the elimination of the three approaches of magic.

So as well as voting for which approach would you favour, what would you want to see changed or sorted out in this version of OpenQuest?


Personally, I would go for Approach 1. A polished book with some extra material is more appealing to me than three separate books. If you found yourself with a monstrous amount of content, then you could go down the path of Approach 2.