What video games have you played recently?

We don't seem to have a thread about RPG video games, so here it is.

Just finished Tyranny, which certainly makes you think about the nature of good and evil. As you are on the side of evil, and you make what decisions you like but that's the path you more or less follow. They don't call it Tyranny for nothing. :)

Was very good, and a counterpoint to the heroic RPG's out there. But I would say not as stirring, but then doing things for yourself and to protect your evil overlord tends not to be as inspirational.


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I am still enjoying "Pillars of Eternity" that is the first rpg video game I have really engaged with, haven't felt cock-blocked by, and have had a very wide choice of storylines, styles of play and just STUFF to do.
I shall therefore probably play 'Tyranny' but at my glacial pace, probably in 2028..
2nd run through of Avernum 3: Ruined World. This time with a 4-person party, and pretty well cleared everything - got all the major artifacts (not worth getting some with a one-player party - you need to be a melee weapon specialist not a pole weapon specialist, got all the lvl 3 spells bar 1 (that one is a nuisance - you can't got back to the dungeon once you clear it), did pretty well all the side-quests (apart from minor courier missions).

Going to give it a rest for a while now - at least until the iPad version is available ;)