[watching] What have you seen recently?

I'm taking The Rain slowly so that I can appreciate it. I am really enjoying it as it takes a fresh look at some very familiar territory

I gave The New Legend of Monkey another try but it was just pish.

Scandal has ended, in a typically Scandal fashion. I'll miss my weekly dose of utter bonkers gonzo American madness.

I've realised that there are so many TV shows to watch, that for the first time in my life I have accidentally stopped watching some! Arrow, Blue Bloods, Riverdale and the tail end of the last season of the Walking Dead have sort of diminished in importance to the point that I'd rather watch some Hearthstone replays! That said, I will get around to them in half-term probably.

My new favourite thing is Station 19, a US-drama about a fire station. It might be a spin off from Grey's Anatomy? The story structure within the show, with little flash forwards and foreshadowing, is gimmicky, but good.
Is there a way to legally watch season 1 in the UK?
Its not on All4, Amazon or Netflix for free. You can buy it off Amazon Prime if that's your bag. Or you can just punch yourself in the heart a few times - that would have the same effect as watching it in one go. I'm leaving S2 until I have time and space to deal with it.
Blindspot season 3 finale. I've enjoyed this series and the final reveals were half expected although one did catch me by surprise. It's been renewed so looking forward to Season 4. I just hope The Blacklist finishes on a high too.
Is there a way to legally watch season 1 in the UK?
All your options laid out:

Currently you are able to watch "The Handmaid's Tale" streaming on Sky Go, Now TV or buy it as download on Amazon Video, PlayStation, Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies.
A NowTV Entertainment pass at £7.99 per month looks to be your cheapest choice (assuming you can watch it all in a month). Of course you’ll need a Roku Box, NowTV box, Fire Stick or Chromecast if you want to actually watch it on a TV and not on a phone tablet or PC.
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No Spoilers.

I watched Solo this morning at the minute past midnight screening at my local art cinema.
From the in media res start it captures the spirit of Han Solo and the Scum and Villainy of the Star Wars setting perfectly. Great action scenes and the heists were very good. Great performances by the whole cast (except Emilia Clarke, her femme fatale is simply poor).
Another droid steals the show!

Worth catching if you like Star Wars. Avoid if you only love the Jedi, there aren’t any. ;)
Yes, I had t
Watched Solo this evening with Jill and the boys. Great film, the action doesn't really stop. Well worth the time.
I just had to watch this too, because you know me and the classic Star Wars stories remain my favourite.

Now, this was no Academy Award winning movie, but instead the sort of enjoyable thrill ride you can re-watch again and again.
Plus, "Solo: A Star Wars Story" gives me the anchor for the Edge of the Empire games, the way "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" served as anchor for the Age of Rebellion Games. We just need a Ben Kenobi story for the Force and Destiny games. ;-)



That was probably the aim, Maddz.

I think that negromaestro has it right; both Rogue One and Solo feel much more like the kind of shenanigans that goes on in a more typical roleplaying session, rather than the more epic scale of the main storyline in Star Wars. Personally, I preferred Rogue One, but Solo has much to commend it. It's not the best film ever, but it's solid and enjoyable. The kids preferred it to Rogue One (which was probably a little too dark for their tastes).
"The Rain" has been a pleasant surprise for something with teen protagonists. "Myths and Monsters" has not been a bad documentary series but is rather padded and low budget.


I finished watching Season 5 of Person of Interest this week. This has been one of my favourite series the last few years, one which I stumbled upon on Netflix. Unfortunately, I missed the broadcast of Season 5 on Channel 5, so I've been waiting for two years for it to turn up on Netflix. Well, it hasn't yet, but Amazon dropped the price on the full series collection DVD so I grabbed it.

If you haven't watched this, I recommend it. It starts off as an interesting variation on the police procedural. A reclusive tech billionaire hires a burned out CIA agent to look into cases of people he knows are going to become involved in some kind of violent incident. The catch is that all they have is the social security number, and they don't know whether they will be the victim or perpetrator. The number comes from a backdoor into a government surveillance system, an artificial superintelligence. The numbers are those that the government considers irrelevant; they aren't terrorists or important enough to bother about. Each week has the protagonists trying to find out what is about to go down, and then trying to fix it.

Various sub-plots emerge (corruption in the NYPD, conflict with the Mob) and eventually conflict with groups that want an unfettered ASI to use. The series explores the ethics of the surveillance society, and then the challenge of emergent artificial intelligence. Right up to the end, you aren't sure how it will go down. I really enjoyed this, and may well start it again (for the third time) sometime soon.