[watching] What have you seen recently?

I do have issues with there now having to be a franchise with every popular Sci-Fi (ish) film out there, just as we have gaming houses that think there sole job is to keep the franchise going on several titles rather than release new ones.

But you take each film, game etc as it comes, if you likes it that's all what's important.
Ready Player One Went yesterday to the local multiplex. I laughed at certain references I got, my other half laughed at the references she got. Sometimes this was at the same time and sometimes not. I enjoyed it, for what I think it is, a light piece of entertainment. I'd like to feel that there won't be some drawn out set of squeals either. There's plot-holes you drive a bus through but I just went with the ride. Mark Rylance was excellent playing what I hope a big chunk of Silicone Valley are like. I'd guess I'm the target demographic due to the 80ish cultural references. Glad I've seen it but not a film I'll ever feel a need to revisit.

True Detectives (Season Two) Watched the first three episodes of this and loved it. Yes, it doesn't have supernatural feel of the first season. It does the feel of a James Ellroy novel brought kicking and screaming in to the 21st century. I did hope that the three detectives threads would have been kept separate for a little longer than the first episode but I can forgive it that. Looking forward to the rest of the run. Vince Vaughn was a bit of a revelation. Usually I'd avoid any film with him in but he plays the unraveling mobster turned legitimate businessman excellently. I can see me enjoying revisiting this in the future.


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Requiem. A BBC spooky thing we had recorded but only just got round to. Excellent, never quite sure what is was until the end, very well done.
Well I just completed Lost In Space, so its time for a one paragraph, no spoiler review!

I would call this a family drama adventure SF series. You need to be able to eat a small side dish of American corn, but its well worth it. The baulk of SF TV and film has forgotten the SF tradition of exploration and discovery, so LiS is really refreshing. But it is also refreshing because it is not a bit grim, which is another theme that so much SF finds itself a slave too, maybe the family element is the cause for that. All in all I can't wait for the next series.

It seems our future could be bright if we get...Lost in Space :)
It’ll be quite nice when we CAN write spoilers on this.

It came close to a bunch of vehicles driving round and round in a forest for me (That’s where Earth 2 and Dark Skies lost me) but was saved by seemless production, Toby Stephens and a prop in the garage.
Just finished watching 'Troy - Fall of a City'. Pretty good. Some nice little tweaks on things hinted at in the Iliad. Odysseus, Hector and Priam were standouts; Paris/Alexander not so much. I wasn't convinced by Paris's transformation from whiny playboy to general-in-chief patriot, and Achilles (while very well acted) came across as being a bit of a spoilt and vindictive one-trick pony. But quite enjoyable, and the handling of the horse was very well done.

'The City and the City' - just watched the first episode. Not bad. I'm David Morrissey fan, so I'll see how it develops.

'Britannia' - is just batshit crackers. But I"m enjoying it, more for Julian Rind-Tutt being Rind-Tuttish than the Mythic Britain overtones, although I really do like the renegade druid with the ability to pull better Jedi Mind Tricks than Obi Wan...
I'm becoming a bit of a Netflix-a-holic:

Just finished watching the first series of Black Lightning. Loved it. It stayed light touch in order to throw light on serious issues. With one exception all the actors are immensely charming - especially the lead. I've never seen anyone enjoy being a Superhero so much - both the actor and the character.

But the last episode was wierd - it was like they'd run out of time and realised they had too many things to tie up. Scenes were missing, others were rushed. On the other hand, it looks clear that they'd just been picked up for s second season as at least one plotline begging to be resolved was punted into touch.

But recommended overall.

I've also watched bits of Final Fantasty XV - Kingsglaive. Japanese Writer, Japanese Director. Fully CGI with westernised characters lip synced to the English dub. Sean Bean is the King. Looks amazing, wierd world - 21st century muscle car chases with suits of armour, swords and magic. Too much of everything. Typical anime throw in all the toys. If someone just spent a few thousands on a decent western-phillic script, this type of production could be revolutionary. if they'd developed the story, the first battle would have made a stunning and memorable climax to a great film. But they just threw it away. Too much of everything we love, ultimately creating white noise.

Then, today, Happy. I've watched the first episode. A drug addled ex-cop Hitman, sees a talking cartoon unicorn that tells him to rescue a young girl who's been kidnapped by an evil Santa. That's not spoilers, that's the description of the first episode. They seem to have paid Grant Morrison to "do a Legion" and the very first scene is so Legion-eque it makes this obvious. It's like they're trying to warn off middle of the road viewers. Hyper violent, broadly and blackly humorous. It won't be to everyone's taste. Like Legion I'm not sure I NEED to see any more than the first episode. But some people will love it.
Another late ((you must have seen it by now :) )) no spoilers review The City and The City
If you like detectives or New Weird this is for you, if like me you love both of those things you are in for a treat. China Miéville's work can't be easy to bring to the screen, but this pulls it off. Be safe citizens!