[watching] What have you seen recently?

"A Murder of Quality" - Thames TV adaptation of early John Le Carre novel with Denholm Elliot as George Smiley investigating a murder at a Dorset public school. Elliot and Glenda Jackson make a really good Holmes and Watson style duo, the one intellectual, the other practical. Almost wish they'd been given their own series.
The Devil Rides Out - Satanic fun in the home counties courtesy of Hammer films. Reminded me of a Call of Cthulhu scenario: Disparate band of investigators, vintage motors, cultists, spells and wardings, SAN loss and mysterious tomes.
Went to the cinema to see Anna and the Apocalypse last night. Christmas zombie high school musical, very funny in places, poignant in others. Worth seeing if you liked Shaun of the dead.

Catch it quick though, I doubt it'll be on for more than a week if last night is typical of the audience figures. It turned out to be a private showing for the four of us.
As you know, I've been watching Black Lightning on Netflix. A nice Superhero with charming leads confronting real issues through a typical Superhero soap opera. Constructed and delivered as a weekly series. Not designed to binge watch.


But tonight I've just watched episode 6 of series 2 and they've suddenly turned on a least three taps of sheer darkness. It's gone all American gothic and WOW! Everything just suddenly slotted into place. New characters - and villain - that felt like they'd always been there - as if there's been a whole parallel series going on. Top notch acting from everyone. (Well the kingpin clone is still a bit weak.) where do they find these actors from? If you've got the opportunity to watch it the start watching. 42 minutes felt like a movie. Sold us one fight to think that was it for the episode and then threw in a bigger battle at the end. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the cavalry came over the hill in real hero moment to the tune of Frigging Apache!