[PbtA] Vagabonds of Dyfed

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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I note that one or two of our Illuminati have run or are familiar with this wide open PbtA OSR mash up sort of a game. I'm here looking for any GM tips for playing the game...

  • How did Magic play out for you? Was it freeform and did the single move expression cover all the bases?
  • Did you stay at 1st level? How was the lethality?
  • Is the applying of tags tot he roll quick in play?
  • What are your top tips?
Magic was easy to use, depends upon the player being able to narrate the effect in a decent style though.
We got up to third level by the end of four 3 hour sessions. I tried to take on a bear with a Rat Beastkin in week 1, didn't go well.
Applying tags can slow the game a bit as players will often try to justify every advantage while forgetting disadvantages so the GM need to keep a eye on that.
I wasn't the GM so I don't have any tips for running the game off-hand. My GM did find the layout of the adventure/module at odds with his expectations. The locations don't exactly follow the route you might take but I did point out that as you can start from either end the location layout wouldn't help in either route.