[generic] The Other Place is gone

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Just for information, I’m told the other place offered after UKRP closed has been quietly shot by the Smart Party team due to inactivity.


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Oh thanks for that Newt.
Forking laughed my top off.

I hope any refugees from the other place find their way here.

This is also why I am not joining the migration to MeWe. Simon aka @Ezio does good tech here, you lovely people share great content, and I am proud to serve Orkish Black IPA and kobold scratchings.


MeWe is falling kinda flat for me, despite the initial flood of people from G+. People seem to be falling back to pre-G+ blogs and forums.
MeWe is going to be limited for me. It needs a minimum OS which is apparently beyond the reach of my iPad 2. I don't see why I should upgrade from a device which happily shows BBC and NETFLIX shows (I don't even watch my TV any more) and generally browses happily and let's me do low level productivity just to be able to access the new hotness in social media.

So I guess MeWe will be just on my iPhone going to and from work on the bus.


An iPad isn't a Mac.

Simon, will the website work rather than the App? The iPad2 doesn't have a 64bit processor (which iOS moved to a long time ago) which killed the glorious but now 7 year old piece of tech out of the update cycle. It's why they reintroduced the 'iPad' model.
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