Salvation, Andromeda The Fall of Peace and Unity


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As Zau Thetans held the core world of Salvation to ransom with genetic bombs placed around the globe, voidships of the ZT drop into system and engage the system defences. Almost a re-run of the Siege of Salvation centuries before, but with unified human and AI forces, the battle is finely balanced until..
23Z, core AI of Salvation announces with regret that given the failure to foil the plot it had no choice but to phase shift the planet, and that non-trivial consequences would follow..

On the space habitat 'Progress and Unity': orbiting the planet:
Nelson.. a descendant of Admiral Nelson, cyborg and hero of the Siege of Salvation, cools his heels in the brig.. @Vodkashok
Dr. Travis, research scientist looks up from his DNA sequencer.. @doggetay
Raven, [redacted] walks to [redacted] to [redacted] in order to [redacted]. @Swordmaster
5XY1, the incredibly beautiful vLOGGER and HOLOSTAR of 3D viewing adjust her hair and reviews the feed from her video drone.. @Ozmagus

"This is the habitat "Peace and Unity", I regret to inform you that the planet Salvation is no longer present in system. Since the gravity that maintains the habitat in orbit no longer exerts any influence, we are about to undergo catastrophic exit from orbit. I calculate that the integrity of the space station will start to fail in 9 minutes 36 seconds and shall have reached functional destruction in 1 hour, 58 minutes and 37 seconds, with a standard error of 13 minutes and 3 seconds."

"Abandon vessel. Go to your nearest lifepod, space vessel, or failing that, don a space suit and attempt extravehicular exit. Note that a major space battle is proceeding in system, and that all health and safety protocols are therefore suspended. Good Luck and May God Go With You."

All chaos broke loose..


5XY1, Nelson, Raven, Dr. Travis

I'm not generally bothered for floorplans and stuff like that in RPGs, but I do like a well-painted figurine that captures the character's personality, especially for campaigns.

It's been a very long while since that's happened though.
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