[watching] The Doctor Who Appreciation Thread

My fellow Whovians,

I thought I'd start up a discussion thread for anything and everything Dr Who related. This could be about classic series (1963-1989), Nu Who (2005+), Big Finish Audios, Comics and Books. I would like to start by laying down just one ground rule, if people don't mind?

Spoilers: The Tavern has the option to let us use spoiler tags. If you wish to post something about a recent episode/book/audio adventure etc that contains a potential spoiler or a spolierish review then please use the spoiler tags, because not everyone may have seen the episode or read the book or listened to the audio adventure. I would also like to ask people not to post possible spoilers for episodes that have yet to be aired. Airing your thoughts that don't give away any spoilers is perfectly acceptable and when necessary please reply using spoiler tags.

I'll give an example:

"Did you see last's night episode? I really enjoyed it. But what do you think about:

Davros being the Doctor's father?

Of course that is not true. That's just an example.

I'll kick off proceedings by asking what was your favourite all time story from the classic series? I'll discuss my own below.
I'm going to stick my neck out and say The Curse of Fenric. It is extremely well written and the atmosphere is amazing, what with the backdrop of World War 2, vampires, mystical Viking artefacts and a big bad from the dawn of time.
As a young viewer back in the day, the one I remember most vividly was Earthshock with its dramatic ending (should we use spoiler tags when referring to Classic Who plotlines?) Going back to them gradually today, my current favourite is Genesis of the Daleks, not only does it have Tom Baker which makes it an instant classic in my book, but the moral dilemmas in it mixed in with the drama and tension make it gripping viewing.
The "No Spoiler" rule is only for new episodes that have recently aired. Anything that is from the classic series and older Nu Who is allowed.

As a young viewer back in the day, the one I remember most vividly was Earthshock with its dramatic ending...
My earliest memory of Dr Who has to be the scene in Logopolis where the Tardis shrinks in size. Earthshock is an excellent story, I'm not sure if it would make my top-ten. But Genesis of the Daleks certainly is in my top ten.
Our local secondhand shop has loads of Dr Who dvds. I've been gradually buying them and watching with my son as part of his geek education. Must try and work through some of the above. Great fun and many happy memories. I'm also still on a Big Finish binge, their Doctor Who audiobooks and simply fantastic. Currently listening to a Colin Baker story Davros - I never took to him on TV (he wasn't Tom!) but with Big Finish he has become a great Doctor, still grumpy, sharp and self-obsessed, but lovable nevertheless.
Kinda and Snakedance are still good stories, albeit a little dark. They wouldn't make my top ten. Although the latter is worth a watch to see Martin Clunes dressed up as a glam rocker.

The Colin Baker story Davros is an excellent audio adventure. I think he really shines in the Big Finish stories.
I'm really fond of Genesis of the Daleks. The introduction of Davros, the shivers when you see the first Daleks, the Doctor's moral dilemma- it has some perfect moments.

It just edges out Talons of Weng Chiang, which would be the perfect Doctor Who story were it not for the yellowface racism. I can make myself ignore that element, and yes it's something from less enlightened times, but it's still an issue for me. The best features are the costume drama aspect (yes, classic Doctor Who with lush production values), the story arc, and the characters of Jago and Lightfoot, especially Lightfoot's interactions with Leela. Also the way the Doctor takes charge just by assuming he should be in charge during the police investigation.
A few years ago, I started collecting the DVDs, my main aim was to get all of the Pertwee episodes, (did this, watched them all) . This then extended into picking up some Hartnell, Troughton and anything Dalek/Cyberman related. I now have almost all of Baker as well, but we are only about four seasons into Baker to date.

In no particular order, here are some of my favourites:

Tenth Planet - the cybermen voices are just damn creepy, they should have kept them.

Spearhead from Space - my first ever Dr Who, at age 6. Saw it when it first aired, and it gave me nightmares for weeks afterwards. Roger Delgado is still my favourite Master by a long chalk.

The Silurians - yeah I know, it's the next episode, but the ending is a classic dilemma.

Revenge Of The Cyberman - good use of a previous set, and the offering of a jelly baby to a cyberman, comedy gold.

The Robots Of Death - fantastic murder mystery story! That is despite the fact that it has Leela in, who I didn't like then, and upon re-watching last year, still don't!

Blink - amazing, and this must come with a huge 'child nightmare' factor.

Plus any story that features Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, and Strax, brilliant trio.

There are also several Tennant, Smith and Capaldi episodes I also like just as much, but I don't want to dig around and find them, as I will have to read other episodes and potentially spoiler them, as I have seen them all, and forgotten loads.
I still have vague memories of the Yeti in the Underground from it’s original broadcasts. So it must have made an impression on my young mind. Sadly I don’t think it exists any more.

The second Doctor (esp. with Jamie and Zoe) is my Doctor - esp. all those “attack the base” stories.
A few years ago, I started collecting the DVDs, my main aim was to get all of the Pertwee episodes, (did this, watched them all) .
The Pertwee era is my favourite phase of Doctor Who, with some absolute classic stories- Inferno, Spearhead from Space, The Silurians, The Sea Devils, The Daemons all immediately jump to mind. And Unit and the Delgado Master. I think I've watched most of them, but not all. It's consistently good.
I have to agree that Pertwee is my favourite Doctor, followed closely by McCoy.
I'm not trying to be controversial (because hey, we're sharing happy Doctor Who fan thoughts, which is lovely), but I think the first one or two series of McCoy's Doctor was when I gave up on Doctor Who, but I understand his stories got *much* better later on. And I've not seen them, so there's a future treat for me.
Inferno is in my top 20 along with a bucket load of Pertwee adventures.

McCoy era was pretty hit and miss. Curse of Fenric, Ghostlight, Remembrance of the Daleks, Greatest Show in the Galaxy and Survival are all greats. The rest are very weak but are propped up by McCoy.
McCoy is pretty much unknown to me, I had stopped watching by then, not entirely sure why tbh. From memory it wasn't always on on a Saturday, I think it was even midweek, and I just kept missing them. In the end I gave up. So, apart from his Dalek and Cybermen episodes which I have, I know nothing!