[generic] That Was The Game That Was ... 2018 Edition

2018 has, at first glance, been a spartan year for me in a gaming sense. That's the initial feeling about it. Upon reflection, and some actual facts, it hasn't been anywhere near that bad.

'Regular' Gaming
I have three (semi) regular games at the moment. On Sundays, our long-running group had an absolute shocker of a year. We started with the culmination of our Dresden Files Accelerated game. This was one of my favourite campaigns I have ever played in, and I think DFA is definitely the superlative iteration of Fate. At the end of the year we have been playing the Pathfinder Playtest campaign. In between? f**k and all. We wrote off August through to October due to scheduling clashes and we couldn't get a game going at any other time (I know I had a dalliance with Traveller that came to nothing. Maybe there were other games attempts?)

Thursday games have been all about Symbaroum, playing through the Copper Crown and the first chapter of the Throne of Thorns campaign. The game has been awesome, and I am thoroughly enjoying running it, but again, the scheduling monster has TPKd the group for months on end. Something else to point out here is that this is the first 'out of the book' campaign I have ran since I was a kid and it has definite benefits! In better news, this group did spin off a Savage Worlds SF game during the summer that was excellent and really opened my eyes to what Savage can, and cannot, do.

And, of course, at work we started our Dungeons and Dragons Club! This has been a roaring success and a personal thanks if you are reading this and were one of the people that responded so generously to the 'dice drive' that really kicked it into action. I've been running an improv D&D game with four students who have virtually no D&D experience between them. Such a wonderful palette cleanser.

was the story of two games; one excellent and one less so. Monsterhearts 2 was a brilliant game and Undying was not. In fact, Undying has the strange distinction of being the first game I have bought and sold in the same year! Rubbish. Seven Hills, with a theme of 'frontiers' was great. Saga of the Icelanders was an interesting game that offered something very different from the standard PBTA stuff. A missing GM meant I ran an impromptu steampunk air pirates game of Fate Accelerated. A full day of Into the Badlands by way of Apocalypse World rounded off a very good con. LongCon was its usual gossamer affair prior to the con, and in the searing heat, amidst the England World Cup run I tried to run a greek mythology inspired game of Blood and Water. Furnace provided a strong end to the year, with me playing Savage Worlds Powder Mage, a playtest of The Last Fleet, and a Dresden File Accelerated hack called The Qin Sect which was pretty much my game of the year. I also ran a mini-tastic game of Star Wars inspired Tachyon Squadron. Oh, and I ran Liminal at Dragonmeet!

At our annual CottageCon, which was another orgy of food and drink and gaming, I played The Dark Eye - one of the most intriguing backgrounds hobbled by a totally useless system - and more Pathfinder Playtest, as well as running out Tachyon Squadron again.

The kickstarter page tells me that this year I backed Tachyon Squadron, Flotsam, The Good Society, Yndaros (for Symbaroum) and some British thing called Liminal. I took delivery of Tachyon Squadron, Yndaros, the Symbaroum Monster Codex, Monkey and Lex Occultum.

Circumstance and software have allowed me to finally start work on my reboot of one of the Empire books. For the longest time it looked like it would be Duty and Honour, but its Beat to Quarters. However, there have been two much more important creative changes this year. The first, and most obvious, is Liminal. Dr Mitch has let me loose in his Hidden World and I have beavered away on the sourcebooks for London, and Newcastle/The North. I've also done pieces of Lancaster, the Lake District and the adventure for the Quickstarter. Something like 35,000 words is more than I have written in one period since by dissertation, and it has lit a fire under me to do more. The other creative thing is that I have thrown off a 30-year old piece of foolishness and started drawing again. Specifically maps. That has been amazingly theraputic for me as an adult, but also it has given me a great artefact for my gaming table!

So, How was 2018?
I had a big GMing malaise in the middle of the year that really got me down - hence no Games Expo or Continuum. That's in the past now. I had a daliance with online gaming but my internet died at the point of starting ... but I see that being an avenue in the future because if I hear the words 'session is cancelled' again I think I'm start melting d6s in revenge - hahahahaha. However, I have had a great year of gaming with some real memorable moments. It has been the creative side that has really blossomed this year and I want to continue that momentum into 2019, whether its doing stuff for me, or in conjunction with other people!