[shopping] Temptation waits... what are you resisting?

First Age

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I'm still resisting this.
I guess I've got most of the content through either the two volume Guide to Glorantha or the Heroquest Roleplaying in Glorantha book.
My spy network tells me that you have got 13th Age Glorantha too. Will a chaos vortex suck me back to the lozenge? Maybe. I'd probably roll my own with something on my shelves.

I'm intrigued by the Gateway Questworlds OGL; what worlds might spring from that? I have a good dtp package now...
Fantasy isn't generally my thing but...sorely tempted by the current WHFRP bundle of holding. Love that whole Germano-gothic grimdark vibe.
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At the moment, I am resisting Silent Titans by Patrick Stuart. It looks weird and interesting, and as Jacob Hurst is publishing it I'm certain that it will be lovely. However, $50 digital plus postage TBC (in a Brexit scenario) means that I'm likely to miss it, especially as both of the kids have their birthdays in January.