[EPT] Tékumel in the UK?

Would you be interested in a one-day Tékumel event

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Recently, I organised an event dedicated to Tékumel: Empire of the Petal Throne and Professor M.A.R. Barker’s world of Tékumel. Thanks to four GMs we managed to have four games on the day and about ten people attend. I was wondering if there was further interest to my organising a similar event in 2019?

This year's event was at the start of October and I would probably shift it so that it did not clash with other events.



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I couldn't make TékuKon due to the Furnace clash otherwise I would have been there in a flash.

Playing Béthorm with @nclarke and others at Continuum was an utter joy.

So. For me, an affirmative yes.

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I'd love to play in the Tékumel setting, so count me interested. Depending on timing and energy due to proximity to other cons and life, would also be happy to run something, possibly using Wordplay or Genesys.
As with others, provided it doesn't clash with other events or family commitments (we're usually visiting family 1st & 3rd weekends monthly).


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I'd be happy to play or run some more Tékumel. Could we persude some of those GMs to offer Tékumel games at other cons? Do you think there would be takers?
Couldn't make it this year as it clashed with my group's annual get-together, Whartstock; happily Michael Cule very kindly ran his game from the Tékumel convention for us on the Sunday, so it was less of miss than it could have been.

Definitely keen to attend next year if I can, so we're keeping an eye on dates to avoid another double booking.