[generic] Summing Up 2018 and looking forward to 2019

Now is the time of year for making resolutions and so I've checked to see what I enjoyed in 2018 and what I have coming up (often via Kickstarter) in 2019.

Games I'd like to play in 2019
7e Cthulhu Invictus was so late in getting out that it was November before I could even plan on thinking about running something. This is a 'feature' of GGP Kickstarters that is one of the reasons I have to think twice before backing more stuff from Oscar.
Two Headed Serpent - Still not managed to get this into play yet beyond a short run of Chapter One in 2017.
A Bookhounds of London campaign. I ran a one shot based on Glynn White's Return of the Hound by just using the auction part of the story. Was sort of OK but a reminder that writing my own scenarios often works better than chopping one about. I'd still like to run a short campaign though.
Yoon-Suin - still not managed this OSR setting although I have been playing in a Vagabonds of Dyfed game at Southampton which has been a load of fun.

Games I played in 2018.
Tekumel - This has been the surprise of 2018. I ran a game at Expo and meet Victor Raymond from the Tekumel Foundation. Also ran a game at Continuum which was acclaimed by a bunch of folks. Ran a game at TekUKon 1 at Geek Retreat in Birmingham and despite a crap trip due to train strikes we managed to put on a minicon of four different game system Bethorm, Heroquest, EPT (I think) and S&G (I think). Discussions with Ian Cooper at The Kraken lead me to understand that a Heroquest genre book (c32 pages) might be forthcoming from Chaosium later in 2019.

Fear's Sharp Little Needles provided a great scenario for The Kraken with Up Jumped the Reaper, a non-Mythos evil set in the mountains of the Applachian Trail, ran this again for a Halloween session at Southampton which resulted in another TPK.
Vagabonds of Dyfed, a PbtA style fantasy D&D style game, worked well while playing at Southampton so I'll take it for a run at Revelation in February.
Hopefully Cartel will be completed (Kickstarter Gods willing) in time for Revelation as it was very much a game of the con last year for me.
I ran a campaign of DCC at Southampton last year and had loads of fun so with the DCC Lankhmar Kickstarter finally completing I'll try and run some thing set there as it's my favourite fantasy setting.
Traveller - still playing this although regularity hasn't been so good in the second half of 2018. My Home group has temporarily dropped this in favour of a return to Middle-Earth and The One Ring for 2019.

Games I looking forward to playing in 2019
Cthulhu Gaslight - this never got off the ground in 2018 due to Traveller and lots of missing sessions due to lack of prep time, various conventions and holidays. I did manage a single session part game in December which I hope to pick up in 2019.
With Laughter of Dragons being released just before Christmas I'll run this as a breather from Traveller on Friday's.
Also up for consideration is a Mythic Britain campaign using the adventures in the core book and the Waterlands scenario.

On-line gaming via Hangouts
Worldbreaker - This has been so different from the usual horror one-shots that it's been very informative in ways of running a story.
Poison Tree ended after four years of play with the knowledge that due to changes requested by Pelgrane large chunks of the campaign would be rewritten or removed completely. So I played in a campaign that will never see the full light of day, sad.
Sailors on a Wine-Dark sea - this was my ill-fated attempt at running Mythras on-line. Didn't get the buy in and none of the players had system mastery making is a little too clunky to run on-line. Although Paul Mitchenor's Mythic Mesopotamia seemed to work better - might be down to the scenario being better suited to on-line play than the one I put together.
Yggdrasil was another Hangout game that I played but the clunky system like the Savage Worlds multiple dice system, gave me such trouble that I wouldn't bother with this system again although the campaign was a load of fun due to the other players.
Played The Demolished Ones and had a fun time but Fate is always a bit of an issue as I can never think of a suitable aspect or tag to use very quickly.
Same problem with Fate Mindjammer but the other players seem to have loads of fun so it's always good to play.

2019 will kick off with a FTF game of One Ring with either fresh characters or those from our earlier run. I'm hoping to play a short game of WFRP4e, maybe 4 to 6 sessions after chargen to test the waters. I thinking that a shorter set of games will keep the games fresh and avoid the tired feeling I get with running/playing the same game week in-week out. Looking forward to seeing what I can do with the Lex Occultum setting as the game system appears to have an excess of crunch. Might switch it to GUMSHOE or Call of Cthulhu for a simpler system. I really need to write up a decent Bookhounds game/campaign to run on-line as well.
Unfortunately going on dialysis means less multi day cons as I'll need to dialyse each night. Now I could manage to tote the machine and fluid for one overnight session with me but not so much for for multi day cons so it's only a maybe for Garricon's in 2019.