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Any insights into the Savage Worlds Black edition publication, that is the version premiered in the Flash Gordon Kickstarter?
Hi Remi, I have read it somewhere (probably the Savage Facebook group) and I think it was Shane Hensley himself, that said 'Black' was going to be a KS project in Q3 this year. Even if you don't back it, there will be free pdf downloads of the changes that you can apply to your current Deluxe or Explorers Edition.*

*all of this could be garbage made up by me, but I think it is pretty much true!
Cool, let us talk some Savage Worlds. I never did play the first edition, but the current one is quite stable and very popular.

My first encounter was Deadlands at UK Games Expo, and then of course, Paul Lawrence's definitive Savage Worlds scenarios at various conventions, though I have not had to chance to play that many with him.

Speaking of the rumored "Savage Worlds Black" do you think we will get more a rules revamp than the "skills" altered and "edges" added in the Flash Gordon Kickstarter? Like if someone already owns the earlier edition, what will be the draw to get the new one?

I like collecting great games in their collectible printed editions, and invested a fair bit in the Flash Gordon Kickstarter attracted by the original art style of Alex Raymond. I am a comicbook collector too, so the closer to the original work, the more collectible the RPG from my perspective.
Okay, I went visiting the Savage Worlds discussions on the Pinnacle Entertainment forum and came across an interesting discussion of dragon armor. I have not played medieval fantasy Savage Worlds, but does anyone here thing the changes proposed below could unbalance the game? That is dragon armour as strong as castle walls.

Originally posted by Ndreare (from PEG Forum)
Castle and fortified walls are officially Heavy
Making it follow the Breaking Objects rules, with Toughness 25 or so, has a similar effect.

Originally posted by Ndreare (from PEG Forum)
Dragons are officially heavy
Hello again - dunno about Dragon Armour.

Okay so changes (the person that knows more than me is j0rdi, but I will try to summarise, using his cribsheet):

New ‘States’:
: The character suffers −2 to all Trait rolls. (Doesn’t stack).
Vulnerable: Actions and attacks against the target are made at +2. (Doesn’t stack with the Drop).
Entangled: Victim can't move and is Distracted.
Bound: Victim can’t move, is Distracted and Vulnerable, and can’t make physical actions other than trying to break free.
Stunned: Fall Prone, can't move, can't take actions, attackers get The Drop.
Vigor roll to remove, Success = Shaken, Raise = unstunned

Updated Rules:
Athletics replaces Climbing, Swimming, and Throwing, and is now used to Grapple.
Grappling: Opposed Athletics roll (does no damage).
If attacker Succeeds = foe is Entangled. Raise = foe is Bound.
(Success on a foe who was already Entangled makes himBound.)
Breaking Free: Chrs may make an opposed Strength roll as an action to break free.
Success = If Entangled he's free and may act normally. If Bound = only Entangled now.
Raise = free and may act normally. Regardless of state.
If a grappler is Shaken (and doesn't immediately Benny it), his foe is immediately released.
Damage: A grappler harms with an opposed STR roll as an Action on his turn.
Success = attack does his Strength in damage (gaining d6 bonus for a Raise as normal).
Tricks can be any justifiable physical Trait, Success = Vulnerable. Raise = roll on the CC table.
Tests of Will can be any justifiable Mental Trait, Success = Distracted. Raise = roll on the CC table.
Thievery: Lockpicking, safecracking, picking pockets, sleight of hand, setting and disabling traps and similar acts of misdirection, sabotage, subterfuge, and manipulation are called Thievery.
Extreme Range - swap the Aim +2 bonus to attack at extreme (4xLong) range.
Conviction: Special token used to add d6 to a Trait or damage roll. Not Bennies!

btw there is other stuff around magic which I cannot remember, but like everything you will be able to download a free pdf of the updates for the ruleset you own. I am guessing the KS will have something a bit extra, as otherwise why bother to buy it apart from brand loyalty?

My first encounter was Deadlands at UK Games Expo, and then of course, Paul Lawrence's definitive Savage Worlds scenarios at various conventions, though I have not had to chance to play that many with him.
Ah yes, one of my Lankhmar scenarios, in fact I am rerunning that one at Continuum this year, so no spoilers mate!
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PEG have always been quite good with slow change over the 3-4 different editions so far.
They always issue a short rules change pdf.
I have done two edition changes since the first edition, and I doubt if most of my Savage players noticed, and my Savage fan friends all took them in their stride.
Given that there are quite a few bells and whistles you can turn on or off in Savage, edition changes are a bit like a new set of options.
PEG have clearly stated that the rise of boardgames has pushed RPGs off retailer shelves so they are having to do new releases as KS.
Since I use HeroLab from Wolflair for my Savage NPC management I will probably change eventually when they do.
Interestingly they support most previous editions rules as options on their platform, which kind of supports my view.
I like all the suggestions. Winding back the physical skill list makes sense in most RPGs, there are a tad too many in Savage. The new states..mmm.. the new ways to Trick and Test wills, good.
Most get into Paul's game at Continuum.


PEG have clearly stated that the rise of board games has pushed RPGs off retailer shelves so they are having to do new releases as KS.
That's definitely the case in Travelling Man Manchester (my local FLGs) where overnight the RPG bookcase became half a bookcase and never really recovered. They have got better about getting new stuff in, and turning overstock to make room - so its not a lost cause.

Back to Savage I'm still drooling over the gorgeous last Deluxe edition, so unless it's more than the nitpicky twiddling a few bits here and there I'll think I'll pass.
The new states..mmm..
My thoughts exactly Tom, with the usual universal faffing about over successful/realistic Grappling rules. Whilst I am going to give the changes a try, this one worries me, as IMHO trying to explain this to new peeps is going to be a nightmare, which traditionally goes like this:

GM <explains a new system to the players, e.g. The '4' for success in Savage, or the roll under your skill on one die out of your two 20-sided die in 2d20>
New Player: That's straightforward!
GM: <goes on to explain these states in Savage, or the added Talents in 2d20>
New Player: Seems a bit of a chew on, I will just stick with the basics thanks

Most get into Paul's game at Continuum.
Cheers Tom! I am running two Savage games mate, Hard West (based upon the PC game, but essentially Weird West, no knowledge required) on Friday night, and Lankhmar on Saturday night.
And confirmed from Pinnacle Entertainment Group: this 16th of October 2018, there will be a new edition of Savage Worlds published via Kickstarter *drum roll* and will be called "Savage Worlds" (yes, that is it, "Savage Worlds not-black" if you want to be pedantic about it).

Unofficially, this may even be the 3rd edition if we consider the "Savage Worlds Explorers/Deluxe" the 2nd edition.

And quoting Shane Hensley, the creator, for the official announcement:
First off, we want you to know that Savage Worlds “Black” is officially just “Savage Worlds.”The “Black” in the title was just a code name and a reference to an original cover concept, which was going to be solid black except for the Savage Worlds logo. We now have a very cool illustrated cover we’re using instead that ties it into all the Savage World Companions.



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I love SW. I also love that they always tell you what they changed and it's easy to slowly migrate. My copies still have play in them. When I decide to move on, Oxfam them, but not yet.
Glad they are fixing the Charisma issue, although not sure why you have to have two Edges Attractive and Very Attractive anyway. Just one for +2 is fine.

I must admit the new name is bit meh, still, I am not buying it for the name.