RIP Greg Stafford

Might as well mention the time I met him at a con, lord knows what he thought of me. I did not know he was coming or what he looked like so when this guy comes up to the table where I was running Pendragon this is how it went. I remember it well because mates liked to quote my lines back to me:

Greg: Oh Pendragon, didn't realise it was being run.
Me: Yeah its a good game, but we are full now.
Greg: Sure I was just interested. (He points out the cut out coat of arms I stick onto the sheets).
Me: I am no artist, this way I make sure they are coloured Ok before I put them on the character sheet.
Greg: Right...and the GM and Players book, they look a little different?
Me: Well I cover them in plastic, that way soft cover will last forever, books like these can get a bit dog eared with all the use.
Greg: Right sure, thanks for showing me.
He walks of.
Mate: That's him! Greg Stafford!
Me: No!
Mate: You read the blurb right? That's why I thought we were playing Pendragon.
I had not read the blurb.
I headed after him and he was kind enough to sign the very books I had told him needed plastic covers.

Ah my callow youth. :)

Edit: BenQ made me realise a picture was in order, you can even see the plastic I use!
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The King has set sail over the lake to Avalon.

I got to know Greg through Pendragon. I'd just got back into gaming after a break of too many years, and discovering Pendragon, lapped it up. Greg emailed the Yahoo Pendragon group saying he was looking for someone to help him put together a website. No one else offered and so I found myself tentatively saying I knew a little bit of html and could give it ago if no one else came forward. And so it was that I found myself working with my gaming hero for many years on his original website and then along with the original Round Table forum before it moved across to its current home with Nocturnal. Through this, I also got to work on a few projects with him, which was a privilege, wonderful watching this creative genius at work. Greg also supported a group of us who set out to run Pendragon scenarios at Continuum and a few other cons, 'The Pendragon Eschille', and regularly dropped in for a Skype chat, battling mightily with the many tech issues we encountered on the way. It was great getting to know him - he was always generous, patient and passionate.

Although good 'virtual friends' we only met once, at the last Continuum he came over for. He had long promised to run a game for me if our paths crossed, and so I seized the opportunity. A group of us rolled up characters. Mine was Sir Dafyd. We rode out on a quest from the GPC. The quest opened with a quick encounter. Dice were rolled. Possibly the first were by Greg against Sir Dafyd. In full view, as is traditional in Pendragon. Rolled up, dismounted, unconscious, out of the game, all within five minutes. Still, I got the pleasure of watching the rest of the game unfold, the only standard game I've ever played in rather than run. A treasured memory, along with my copies of KAP & the GPC, which he signed afterwards.

Thanks Greg, proud to have been one of your household knights!