Revelation Revelation 2019


Revelation 2019 is now open for bookings. It will be on 23rd and 24th February 2019 at the Garrison Hotel.

This is the third take on the popular PbtA and siblings themed convention. (BitD and Ironsworn have been let in too as they grew from the Apocalypse).

Games bookings are also open. The Facebook group has the details at the moment. Do not register a game if you aren’t registered for the con.


Player pre-booking is now open: spreadsheet is here:

Important note from Elaine:

Right. GM pre-bookings are done and entered onto the sheet - GMs can see the games you got into and the number you got in the randomiser too.

This means attendee pre-booking is open. Revelation is all pre-book - no queues! - fill in your pre-book preferences against your name on the sheet…/1-40RCLEX08b9URxht5-3GqEW5bIUEQ-f… - use the tab called Attendee Pre-books and leave the other sheets alone!

An important note about the timetable - I haven’t had enough games submitted for all players. Slots 1, 3, 4 and 5 are a game short. There is a room free in each of these slots for ad hoc games, board gaming, reserve offers, etc. The randomiser may land you in the position where you find yourself without a game. However, I assure you that this will happen a maximum of ONCE only. If I get reserve offers, this might not happen at all, but I’m not going to twist arms to get games up front.


Final games info from Elaine:

Not sure what you're playing, or where? Refer to this for your games and locations. Bring it with you, write it down, cut out and keep - up to you. 7 weeks and counting...

Note 1: red text means you're running the game.
Note 2: GAME REQ means you're not booked into a game. At the bottom of the doc you can see which games have spaces.