[OSR] Recruiting players for online game of The Road to Hell

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System: Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Adventure Name: The Road to Hell

Player recruitment: 4 players, characters 5th level (from all the available character classes except Halfling).

The game will last two, two-hour sessions (9-11pm GMT). If interested please state which day you would prefer in the poll below.
This is a fine tuning playtest game before its published, but don't let that put you off having fun since its been run a couple of times before. I plan to use Google Hangouts to run the game.

1604 Autumn, at the door to the Cock Inn, outside the walls of Chester.
It’s been a rough year for professional adventurers such as yourself. Last year good Queen Bess finally passed on, and Sir Robert Cecil effortlessly paved the way for King James to come south from Scotland and take up the crown. A more prudent monarch with a considerable national debt to deal with, he immediately tightened the purse strings. So, less money for expeditions to the New World. Also, Good King James has been making friends with the Spanish, so no more licenses for Gentlemen Pirating and an end to dubious endeavours in Europe. He’s also no friend of witches. He personally sat in on torture sessions while up in Scotland. Patrons for your line of work have dried up or in some cases lost their heads in the change of regime, and you were looking destitution in the face. Then the architect of your downfall, Sir Robert, seeks you out and puts you in touch with an old patron of yours. An odd fellow called Dr Dee, former court astrologer to the Queen until he fell out of favour and had to go a European grand tour. Last you had heard Queen Bess had arranged for him to take up a post at some priestly school up north, well away from the intrigues of her court. You remember the occasional job you did for him as being some of the Weirdest and Fantastical of your career. Not the most straightforward work, but needs must so at the end of a long trek made at your own expense northwards, you find yourself outside an inn that Dr Dee has paid for your lodgings according to a letter you hold that details your current employment. It's an ominous letter that details Dr Dee’s precarious position as Warden of Christ’s College in Manchester, and worst still that he has divined that your journey north from Chester will take you along a “Road to Hell”.

This is a game set in a Fantastic Jacobean England, in the early years of King James I reign, using the Lamentations of the Flame Princess rules. This Old School Renaissance game, based on early D&D, focuses on Weird Fantasy and has more in common with late-night horror films that Hammer studios used to produce (with updated special effects) than the comparatively cosy fables of Tolkien. This adventure is unapologetically brutal, horrific and disturbing most of the time, and prospective players should be aware of this. Characters are Level 5