Pre-Christmas Shelf Clearance (Traveller, Doctor Who, Ubiquity)

Okay these are, basically, cluttering my shelves. Make me an offer. Buyer pays actual postage, I'm in Lincolnshire.
All books in near-mint to mint condition
  • Mongoose Traveller 2e Core
  • Mongoose Traveller 2e Vehicles
  • Mongoose Traveller 2e High Guard
  • Mongoose Traveller 2e Central Supply Catalogue
  • Genesys Core
  • Star Wars - Age of Rebellion Starter (no box, bit table-worn but no pen/pencil marks, dice intact)
  • Quantum Black core
  • Timewatch Core
  • Timewatch GM's screen
  • Hollow Earth Expedition GM's screen and booklet
  • Hollow Earth Expedition - Perils of the Surface World (softback)
  • Regime Diabolique core (Ubiquity)
  • Regime Diabolique - Paris Gothique
  • Fate dice - about a dozen sets of 4, don't know which ones!
  • Free League - Forbidden Lands (Box set from the kickstarter, GM screen included)
  • Leagues of Adventure - Weird Science Compendium (softcover)
  • Leagues of Adventure core (hardcover)
  • Leagues of Cthulhu (hardcover, signed and numbered 70/100)
  • Tales from the Loop core (slight dent to spine)
  • Tales from the Loop adventures - Our Friends the Machines
Ah, sod it. Go on, let's have this little lot gone as well... Doctor Who - Adventures in Time and Space
  • David Tennant edition box set (complete, but a touch battered)
  • Aliens and Creatures box set (again, complete but a tad foxed)
  • GM's screen (near-perfect)
  • Matt Smith edition box set (not entirely perfect but not far from)
  • Peter Capaldi edition hardback
  • All the Strange, Strange Creatures volume 1
  • Time Traveller's Companion
  • GM's companion
  • Defending the Earth
  • The Black Archive
  • Silurian Age
  • All 11 of the Doctor sourcebooks so far
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Do you have the League of Adventure core rules, or just the Weird Science sourcebook?

The Forbidden Lands box must be new, mine just arrived last weekend.
I do have the League of Adventure core hardback as well as the recent kickstarter hardcover of Leagues of Cthulhu if you're interested.

And yes, Forbidden Lands is brand new. Reading it through I realised I can do everything I want with 13th Age, it's not adding anything to my gaming.