[generic] Plans for 2019


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Gaming plans for 2019?

Quite modest from me:
Play more of @Vodkashok excellent Symbaroum campaign. That's a whole year or two, at least. If we hit hiccups then we should split the party more...

Play more of @DMGuy excellent and very scary online 5e D&D game on Roll20.

Run one off but linked RPGs for the locals at the Theatre. Start with D&D but probably also FAE since it might suit an improv style better.

Go to North Star and top up with SF and companionship.

How about you?

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Immediate thoughts:

Continue to run regular Sunday Forbidden Lands in the home gaming room throughout the year.

Continue to play and run games at the weekly Thursday home face to face group. I wonder what we will play beyond L5R 4e?

Attend Garrison conventions and UK Games Expo to socialise, chill, run and play. Ironsworn, Zenobia, Chronicles of Future Earth, Vagabonds of Dyfed, Infinity 2d20 are all on the starting blocks to see some play already.

Maybe run or play an online game? The Oaths of the Riddermark perhaps?

Write some more Wordplay 2. Maybe even publish or Kickstarter it.
Attend conventions - TTRPG and non-gaming ones to promote the hobby.

Flirt with doing a YouTube channel about my visits

Promote and sell “Role Play Relief” books in aid of comic relief

Continue going to my local games club.

Try and get Manifold into print.
My plans and my whimsical dreams for the next year are two very different things as reality tends to scupper them both.

1. I'd like to continue with the Symbaroum campaign mentioned above by Tom.
2. I'm going to have to steer the college D&D Club D&D campaign towards some sort of conclusion, maybe
3. I'm up next in the Sunday gaming GM chair, so its going to be more D&D there too.
4. I've committed to running Monsterhearts and Masks at Revelation, and Liminal at Seven Hills
5. I want to get my work on Liminal finished and then move onto 2e BtQ and other projects

Beyond that I have really no idea. I might be able to get to more cons this year, but I'm not sure I want to because I'm not 100% sure that I'm getting the same return from them that I used to.

I think, in all my gaming endeavours, the most important thing to work on this year is commitment and consistency. Gaming in 2018 has most been about cancelled sessions or exceptionally long gaps between sessions to accommodate everyone. Regular gaming is definitely something to be sought in 2019
I'll keep it short after a 2018 where I underperformed quite a bit...

Continue to play in the weekly Lot5R game for the next few weeks, and then pick up again in may with whatever the group is offering.
Continue to play in First Age's regular Sunday Forbidden Lands throughout the year.

Play in more of Rich's Saturday wargames, particularly if they are Chain of Command or Sharp Practice.

Run a game of 13th Age to some D&D players I've met.

Run an introductory game of Call of Cthulhu for some interested non-gamers.

Attend Seven Hills, North Star, and Furnace and run games.
Attend Vapnartak and Partizan and buy more lead...

Run some games of LexOccultum.

Paint and base more WW2 6mm tanks and run some games of Blitzkrieg Commander 2.
Play some more of my boargames inculding Princes of Florence, 1066 Tears to Many Mothers, Alexandria, and Khan of Khans.

Write some Mythras, either my Gloriana setting or Renaissance Florence.

I'm not sure if this is achievable, but it's less ambitious than some years....
I think I have to be realistic for 2019 and accept that I have trouble working with regular face to face gaming. But there's good stuff still when it comes to online gaming. I still want to get L5R round mine back off the ground if possible. But it's hard.

Enough of that...

Online, I want to continue the Darkening of Mirkwood for the One Ring. Try a few one shots. Launch my Trail of Cthulhu explorers of Brichester University campaign, for an 8 part special.

There's going to be Liminal too.

For conventions I'm looking at Seven Hills, North Star, and Dragonmeet at the moment. Probably Furnace, but the timing at the start of the university semester might be more than I can take these days, or maybe I'm just saying that because I was ill this time round.

I might be ever so slightly withdrawing from the convention scene for a bit.

I'll also for there at the first GoPlay Manchester.

Writing is a big post, and that's coming next.
I'm starting off 2019 with a return to Middle-Earth with a continuation of the One Ring FTF game I started some time back. This time around I'll be keeping to short campaigns of around 6 weeks of so to avoid burnout. I'll be offering a Gaslight Call of Cthulhu game a a change up in between others running games.

I'm still wanting to get a Bookhounds ToC game running on line this year as well.

With the DCC Lankhmar setting arriving in print around February I shall be giving that an outing too.

As far as conventions go Revelation will see a session each of Cartel and Vagabonds of Dyfed. Other convention plans are a bit up in the air, I was planning on Trolls and Legendes in Mons, Hydriades in Switzerland as well as my usual trip to The Kraken but going on dialysis will alter my options significantly. I'll probably do just a couple of days at other, one day, cons this year and will have to take advantage of on-line gaming as well.
I have finally got a home group! 🎈
The Derby DOGs have splintered and so I was able to join up with the refugees.
I am running my Tales from the Loop campaign set in Derby in 1984. That should be quite a few sessions of weekly play for the start of the year.
I think we are following up with a Warhammer campaign. I am looking forward to playing in that.

I’ll also be hoping to get to a few RPG conventions over the year too.