[none] Owlbear & Wizards Staff 2018

I attended the first every Owlbear & Wizards Staff convention this saturday, taking place in Leamington Spa (in warwickshire, hence the play on Bear & Staff).

Here's my very brief overview of how it went:

This was organised by Matthew Broome who did a fantastic job. It took place in The Band Factory, a rehearsal space for Brass Bands and the like.

  • Free. (Donations accepted)
  • Venue was a suitable size and conveniently located close to the Train Station.
  • Tea and Coffee making facilities (with Tea and Coffee + plus squash, biscuits etc all provided!)
  • Samosas at lunchtime (also free!)
  • Dice with the convention logo (yep, also free!)
  • Big selection of games available from RuneQuest Glorantha, to D&D, to Feng Shui and many more
  • Loads of great players and GM's there - a lot I recognised from the Expo and other cons
  • Played a great game of HeroQuest Glorantha, ran by Ian Collins himself. We all played disgraced Humakti looking to redeem ourselves. Ian is a great storyteller, and it also provided me with a great opportunity to brush up my HeroQuest knowledge.
  • Close to Leamington centre so plenty of places to go for food and drink afterwards
  • Only 1 toilet at the venue- you had to time your wees right. Hiring a porta-urinal may be the way forward in future
  • I was booked into a WFRP game in the morning. It was billed as 4e unless it doesn't come out in time, then 2e. Well 4e has been out for nearly 2 months in pdf form so I thought, great 4e, but nope, it was 2e. I could understand if the GM was super-comfortable with 2e and needed more time, but he was also clearly new to 2e as well, so it didn't make much sense to me. Anyway he was a nice guy and otherwise good GM, so don't want to rag on him, but I was a bit disappointed.
Anyway overall it was a great day, Matthew did a great job organizing, and I'm looking forward to attending this again.
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