[none] Online Card Flopper Options?

I am a (relative) online gaming noob, but in an effort to shit-or-get-off-the-pot, I am looking to start an online playtest group for the newest version of Beat to Quarters.

Hold on there, stop getting excited! I haven't got it done yet.

However, to do so I need an online host that allows people to do the card flopping thing. Sure, we could just wave cards in front of cameras, but that's not really useful, is it?

So, do any of the online gaming veterans have a recommendation for me?
I have a non-recommendation, which is Roll20. I just finished a short game using the Monkey rules, and Roll20 did not handle the cards well at all. Dealing was inflexible, the discard pile was awkward, playing cards to the table was a pain, you couldn't script cards like you can dice, and worse still we learned not to trust the shuffle as one deck consistently delivered face cards in every deal (sadly that was the GM deck).
There's rollforyour.party : when you log in, it creates a unique, private room with a shareable link. To draw cards type the number in the box marked 'cards', then hit submit. You can also check a box to make draws secret.

If you use Discord, there are a bunch of RPG support bots that come loaded with dice, cards and other features: this is the one I use in my servers.

Of course, if you really want to splash out, there's always Tabletop Simulator, available on Steam.