North Star North Star 2019 Games Thread


GMs: The Game Timetable for North Star 2019 is live. Please lay in your navigational coordinates and plan your jump routes. Feel free to post your games below and/or on the Facebook page.

1) Do not book a game unless you have registered.
2) I will accept TBCs at the moment and will look to firm up in the new year.
3) Message me if you make a multi-slot booking so I can confirm it doesn't mess up numbers
4) Please consider maximising the number of players you can take. There are presently 7 games available each slot. If everyone offers 4 player games then we are marginal vs the numbers we need for the con to be viable.
5) I can see your changes to the timetable, please do not alter other people's entries.
6) No more than 2 games per GM (this may well change).

Please don't bother Elaine McCourt about games as I have taken over the Games Star role from her for North Star. A big thank you to Elaine for setting up the booking system.


So far we have:

Warhammer 40k (Wrath and Glory)
Star Wars (WEG D6)
Star Wars (Edge of Empire)
Star Trek Adventures
Blue Planet v2
John Carter of Mars
Space 1889 (Ubiquity)
Elysium Flare
Hack the Planet
Geiger Counter
The Cthulhu Hack

It's looking great!
I've just sent off my registration dosh to Graham.
If there is space I'd like to run Doctor Who (any slot except Sat evening).

It’s 1985 and the Cold War is going strong. UNIT HQ have sent you on a tricky diplomatic mission. The Soviet Army has discovered something weird. There’s just one teeny, tiny problem: the weird thing is in Afghanistan and there’s a war on. The PCs need to investigate without riling up the Soviets, annoying the CIA or accidentally starting World War 3.

Players: 5