[generic] Kudos to Fria Ligan Customer Service


My copy of the player’s handbook for Forbidden Lands arrived poorly bound. It’s nothing I couldn’t fix with some minor surgery (having been a librarian in my youth) but when I raised it with them, they insisted on replacing it. I was told to keep the existing book (I’d sent a photo of the issue).

Today I was surprised when a complete new box set arrived! Kudos to FL for good customer service, and hat tip to GamesQuest to actually getting it out quickly!

Fria Ligan being European helps too. Paizo offered to replace my Starfinder Collector's Edition that suffered a broken spine, but cost of shipping convinced to fix it at a local book binders.

Pete's Starfinder Core Rulebook also suffered a broken spine so he may clarify if his was replaced or not.

But, yes, Fria Ligan are a superb team and caring too.
I’ve not bothered to chase Paizo or Amazon about my SF book. Frankly I don’t expect it’ll get enough use to cause a huge problem and if it does I’ll fix it or transfer the pages to a folder or something.

I’m sure any book manufacturing process can have occasional errors and quality control slips. Paizo and WotC using printers who have whole print runs beset by problems is more worrying particularly as WotC’s printers seem to have agreed to do a multi-pass printing process to create certain printing effects but have struggled to ensure that books don’t have at least one or two pages with misaligned printing which looks really odd.