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Introduce Yourself


So I'm a 40+ RPGer, based in the West Midlands.

Began in the hobby with D&D red box in 1984 and relatively quickly moved on to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, FASA Star Trek, Ars Magica, Marvel Super Heroes and others. Went off to university in 1991 and had a long break from gaming in the 90's and early 2000s coming back to the hobby in 2007, via moving house and joining a local wargaming club and a game of RuneQuest II.

Now, part of a few face-to-face groups, and play online too. Over couple of years or so have plucked up courage and run games at Cons. Rather active on Twitter!

I enjoy a wide range of games - acually playing a fair bit of D&D 5e over last 2 years - but favourites currently are Legend of the Five Rings, Star Trek Adventures and Symbaroum.
Hello all. I'm Stronty Girl, also known as Dr Bob. In my 50s, been gaming since the early 80s.

My game preferences are science fiction, horror, science fiction, wild west, science fiction, urban fantasy, and science fiction. Not a fan of high fantasy or anything with elves, dwarves and orcs in it. Oh and did I mention I like science fiction?

For years I was in search of the One True System, but am now of the opinion that the system should suit the game style and/or genre. Current favourite systems are Cortex+, Doctor Who and anything with story points in it which doesn't begin with "F" and end in "ate".

I'm currently playing in a weekly game, running a fortnightly one, and playing one monthly online game.


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Why does this thread remind me of the beginning of Ian Dury's "I want to be straight"..?

I'm Peanut and since the old UKRPG site closed I've wandered around t'interweb dismally failing my survival and perception checks. I'm based in Kent and roleplay and boardgame, but not enough of the former (a fortnightly Pathfinder game). Losing Conception and Indiecon don't help either (I tried the first Contingency but it didn't work for me personally). I need to find a new fix...
Hello everyone! Just joined... reluctant IT manager by day, weregamer by night, based in Hampshire. Been roleplaying since 1976 when I was introduced to OD&D, with the occasional foray into boardgames and tabletop wargaming. Have successfully infected all my children and their friends with the roleplaying bug, and waiting for the grandchildren to be old enough to join in.

Currently GMing Savage Worlds and Mongoose Traveller 2; playing WFRP3, Edge of the Empire, MgT1 and Original D&D; and poking Infinity and Genesys with a stick to see if they're going to bite me or not.

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Hello! I'm Darren. Originally from the south west but now living in Ipswich. Born in 80 so I'm either a not quite gen Xer or an in denial millennial.

Ive been rpging since the mid 90s. I cut my rpging teeth on Gamma World 4th edition, playing a mutated human with claws and narcolepsy. Moved on to Cyberpunk 2020 pretty soon after that, then the White Wolf's Vampire the Masquerade and Werewolf the Growling. Currently playing D&D5th, which is the first edition where I bought any of the books. The most recent thing I (tried) to DM was Shadowrun 5th. It was too much game for this mere mortal.

My forum name comes from a game my daughter and I used to play, not from any form of internet devilry! But on saying that I did prefer D&D4th to Pathfinder.

I also am all about the boardgames, Cosmic Encounter, Battlelore 2nd ed, and Space Hulk being favourites. I'm waiting for Mutant Chronicles Siege of the Citadel to be released in retail because I fell in love with the setting oh so long ago. I'd love to play Battletech, but there's good retro and bad retro...
Hi all,

I'm a returnee to the "hill-shadowed city of razors and knives". I first recall (solo)roleplaying when I pretended to be St George galloping along school corridors in a thunderstorm, aged 6. First year at Sheffield Uni saw me try wargaming and running DipSoc (Diplomacy Society). In August '79 I was introduced to D&D to while away the wet windy evenings of a Cumbrian archaeological site and in October '79 was one of the founders of NoDDSoc back at uni.

Over the years I have also played many varieties of larp, freeform, re-enactment and mmorpg. Tabletop rpgs mostly though, including much Rolemaster, Runequest, D&D & L5R, with side trips into Harnmaster, Ars Magica and Pendragon.

As an archaeologist and historian settings draw me more than rulesets. I have had particular fun GMing and playing in Harn, Glorantha, Middle-Earth, Al Qadim, Rokugan, Spacemaster's universe, Warhammer's Old World, Birthright, Dark Sun and many homebrewed historical, low-fantasy and sf settings.

I especially enjoy deep characterisation & long campaigns and rather disappointed they no longer seem to be fashionable. Still it has been fun meeting many gamers in my new city and chatting about games/joining in sessions.

My gaming has settled into long weekends with my southern group who venture north to my comfy gaming room every couple of months; Stars Without Number at NoDDSoc during university termtimes; approximately bi-weekly L5R with Dr Mitch; weekly gaming with First Age et al. for various short campaigns; and trying new games at Garrison conventions.
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