[Grogmeet] Grogmeet '18

Sometimes you do not get the game you want at gaming conventions. It all depends on how sign-ups for the games are organised. When that happens, my advice is to throw yourself into the game just as much as you would any other game. So it was with the Tunnels & Trolls game I played at Grogmeet ‘18. I deliberately let others pick their character before me. I asked the Game Master if I could be given the worst character available from those left of the pre-generated ones and that was what I got—an Elven Warrior who was also a punning poet. I volunteered to take damage, I was unpredictable because that was on the character sheet, and I came up with bad odes (this was probably the biggest challenge of the session, but if another character is called ‘Dong’, what choice did I have…?). It was fun and it was silly and I hope that nobody was too irked by the idiocy of Thom Bumbadil, who unbelievably, managed to find a use for the newly acquired Deep Sea Fishing skill (in a dungeon, far from the sea, without any fish, that was previously a musicians’ guild hall)...

My afternoon game was Mutant Crawl Classics #1: Hive of the Overmind, a short scenario for Goodman Games’ Mutant Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game. I had been wanting to try this game for a while, but unfortunately, this was a scenario I knew, having reviewed the week before. It is okay because the Game Master knew this and it has occurred to me before. The danger of reviewing these things and so a problem I have some experience of. Mutant Crawl Classics is Gamma World writ large, a slightly gonzo take upon the post apocalypse genre and the scenario was in that tone… So Globbo the globular mutant found himself a blinking red skull, another mutant found a belt which allowed him to summon the protective force of Richard Dreyfuss, and our luck varied as all too many ones were rolled on the twenty-sided die.

As ever, Grogmeet ‘18 proved to be a well organised event, a little further out from the railway station than its previous location, but with space enough eight or so games morning and afternoon! The raffle was well stocked with a lot of good things and hopefully raised a lot of money for charity, even if I would dispute that it was run faster than our own Spaghetti ConJunction as Chris Hart claimed on the day.

Grogmeet ‘18 is a thoroughly enjoyable gaming event and a chance to catch up with friends once again at just the right time of year.