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Public Service Announcement and request.

We now have 63 confirmed registrations and will need to balance attendees with game slots available.

We have a higher number of games offered for only 4 players this year than we've ever had before. If you're GMing such a game, please consider whether you can squeeze an extra player in and let Elaine know.

As it stands, we may have to cap numbers at a lower level than usual to ensure player numbers are matched to games available.
We've not looked at this in detail but the consequences of that would most likely manifest in the raffle and the coffee/tea provision.

So, if you can squeeze in an extra player, please do so. If you can't we'll just roll with it.


All - registration has now closed and we are full full full, especially on Saturday. I reiterate the request above about numbers in games. Looking forward to seeing you there.


GMs. Elaine has posted this on FB about pre-booking:

The observant amongst you may have noticed there’s a new tab on the timetable called GM pre-bookings. If you’re a GM and have provided all your game details, you can start filling in your choices. Please provide backup options. If you’re a GM who hasn’t provided game details yet, no touching till you’ve done so! It’s not first come, first served; I’ll randomise if there’s more requests than places in a game. As ever, no more than half the places in a game can be pre-booked by GMs.


All attendees: Elaine has posted this on FB

There's a new tab on the spreadsheet now, called Attendee pre-bookings. No filling it in until 5th September!


We're 6 days from Furnace 2018. That surprised a lot of people, including the committee, when it was pointed out on the Facebook Group. I suspect that it's the fact that it's often the second weekend because of how the dates fall.

GMs, good luck!


If anyone else wanted names changing from those on registration (which can be found on the furnace.org.uk registration page), let me know today, as I will be printing the badges out.

So far I've resolved Evil Gaz and Gareth but if there are any others...
GM pre-bookings are confirmed on the spreadsheet in green. Player pre-bookings are open and I see some people have already got in there this morning. One week (12th September), then I'll start allocating games via the randomiser.

Is the randomiser still calculating? I can see that GM pre-bookings are confirmed, but can't tell the same of general pre-bookings.


As far as I know it's done, but I've not really followed that because I don't have a player booking as I sit out slot 1. My GM prebooks cover me elsewhere. Maybe message Elaine?


Staff member
Sadly I have to cancel my attendance at Furnace XIII at short notice. I wish you all the very best of gaming fun.
@Darran I am sorry I shall miss your game, which was my preselect.
There are so many other games I would also miss, that I am simply not going to think about it.
Unfortunately I had an accident at work on the early hours of Sunday morning and dislocated and broken my left foot.
No sign of my operation yet, wasting away on a hospital 🏥 bed 🛌 currently.

I don’t think I’ll be able to make to Furnace in my current state. ☹️
Organisers are aware.
Top picture is me connected to the drips and monitors.
Next is my left foot hanging at the wrong angle, it should be pointing upwards like the right one.
The bottom picture is it in the temporary cast.

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