Francis Tresham and Civilization


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There is a charming interview with Francis Tresham in the March 2018 issue of TableTop Gaming Magazine. The chap is old school, talks of himself in the third person and maps out how he developed from Monopoly to Totopoly tru Risk to Diplomacy and then designed two of the definitive boardgames of my young adult years: the 18XX railway games and Civilization.

Now some of you yoofs may not realise that Sid Meier did not invent Civilization, nor was it first a computer game. It was published in 1980 by a British company was was designed by a charmingly non violent RAF radar engineer.

I first encountered the game in 1983 at Uni, with the 18XX games coming a few years later. I had no idea how recent or innovative they were, I just loved the sweep of history in Civ and the 19th century vibe of building raiwlays in 18XX, althought Railway Rivals was my messier favourite.

Tresham is a name we should treasure, rather like Pulsipher, and Civilisation (recently back after a 30 year hiatus) should be on many a gamers' shelves.