[RQ] fortieth issue of RPG Review was released!


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The fortieth issue of RPG Review was released!

How did I not tell this list? Of all people, seriously. It's almost as if
I had something else on.

The 40th Issue of RPG Review, the 10th anniversary issue was released in
November 2018, dedicated to RuneQuest as a special print issue (at last!)
for RuneQuest Glorantha Con III - the first in twenty years!

It included the rules for Trollball, Greg Stafford epitaths and aphorisms,
designer's notes for RuneQuest Roleplaying in Glorantha, RuneQuest: How it
Happened by Steve Perrin, Pamaltela, RQ Down Under Bestiary, the Mucky
Ducks, the Initiation of Shaman Sarissa, and RuneQuest design features.

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40: Ten Year Anniversary Issue & RuneQuest Glorantha Down Under Convention

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