[generic] Festive Fun Times

Simon Burley said

I never got to complete my campaign based around the WHFRP festivals. I ran scenario based on the winter festival (I forget its name) which was basically an excuse for one of my "Christmas" adventures - I introduced the non-canon idea of people using for trees as a celebratory symbol and their delivery was disrupted by Kithban elves for some reason.
Which reminded me of a GURPS Discworld game I ran once. It was set in the festival of Pants-o-mine (An ancient Patrician had his trousers stolen and ran through the streets of Ankh Morpork in his underwear shouting and pointing at anyone wearing trousers "Those pants are mine!". It stuck. On this day, all pantomime traditions become real. Carpets really fly, mice really talk, EVERYONE sings in the streets and there is always someone behind you.)

(Oh no there isn't)

(f**k off)

Anyway, two rival Goblin clans have a challenge on this day. A team of goblins is sent into A-M to steal ... the final pumpkin. The one that is left after all the others have been turned into carriages. Chaos ensues as the goblins interact with A-M as it interacts with pantomime shite. The finale of both games, miraculously, ended with a flying carpet ride down the street with all the temples, as the rival Goblins were in hot pursuit on other flying carpets, throwing roast chestnuts. The pumpkin was in a small window at the end. Yes, it was the final scene of Star Wars with goblins and flying carpets.

What's your favourite Christmas adventure?
I once ran a game of My Life with Master where the Master was Santa Claus, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof. My favourite part was his derisive response to the suggestion that the Townsfolk might interfere with his nefarious plan: "Them, stop me? Ho ho ho!"
In my current Mindjammer game, by coincidence, the player characters are about to visit the North Pole of the planet they're investigating...

In terms of Discworld, I loved the old Pyramid GURPS Discworld adventure (with Over the Edge conversions), but can't remember the name.

I've not done much in the way of Christmas theming, though the last Call of Cthulhu adventure I ran around Christmas involved the 1927-1928 heavy winter snowfalls.
Of my many the first still sticks in my kind for all the wrong reasons. Very much teenage boys at University.

Also about forty of the 100 issues of the fanzine Superhero UK number 2 contained a bonus page featuring a short story by one of my friends and an article from me outlining why you should run Christmas themed superhero adventuress d how to do it.
I have a winter Pendragon whodunnit which I ran at Continuum 2016 which I was going to rerun and set at Christmas for Dragonmeet this year as a tribute to Greg, but sadly I'm now not going to make it. The knight's become snow-bound in a remote Fen village with some strange goings on. A body is found and they have to act to find who did it so that they don't get the blame. It may have been my favourite, but we'll have to wait until another year to find out!