[generic] Favourite online resources as a player/GM

What are your favourite online resources as a player/GM?

I’m only just starting to GM games and have been frantically looking around for various tools to help with that.


Some of the tools I’ve enjoyed using:

https://roll20.net - For overall management of a campaign, especially for getting materials (NPCs, handouts, maps, characters) in one place. Audio + Video capabilities are also worth a mention.

http://www.rpgobjects.com/tiamat - A decent online dungeon mapper, has worked really well with one group that love maps, and it’s free!

http://archive.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/arch/mw - A good archive for when all of a sudden I need a map I didn’t know I needed.

https://tabletopaudio.com - Roll20 has a good jukebox, this isn’t too bad either.

https://inkarnate.com - A good mapper, mainly for entire worlds/regions but also good for other outdoor maps.

https://anydice.com/ - Sometimes I want to know the distributions. Graphs are nice. Mmm numbers.


These three are DnD 5e specific:

https://crobi.github.io/dnd5e-quickref/preview/quickref.html - This page alone has been useful for helping new players get to grips with what they can do in combat.

https://www.dndbeyond.com - I love the character creation tool as well as the interactive character sheets with access to official material. Homebrew tool for making items and spells also works very well.

http://dhmstark.co.uk/rpgs/encounter-calculator-5th/ - Automated encounter balance


I'd love to hear what others are finding useful in their own games.
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