[listening] Earthsea on iPlayer Radio


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Having listened to it, I would say Earthsea would be best listen at home, in the calm, with eyes closed. It's very well done.
Series 1 is £6.95 on iTunes (or £12.24 on Amazon but free with the Audible trial). Given there's only 9 days left to listen, that might be a good buy...
Still 9 days only. Also, it requires a connection to something - and the train doesn't always have wi-fi available. The mobile signal switches in and out of 4G, 3G and Virgin E, so that's not an option either (plus I tend to use my data allowance in Corby). Nah, I'll pick it up on iTunes and listen on the iPod at my leisure.

I've got some more audio stuff downloaded to listen to as well - Penguin Random House do occasional giveaways of audio books (or really audio novellas) and I've just grabbed the latest (The World of Lore by Aaron Mainke https://www.facebook.com/PRHAudio?r...6&template_id=10817&aid=randohouseinc13623-20 - you need to enter an email address to access the download as the Volumes app isn't available this side of the pond).