[generic] Dream One-Shots

So we've had the thread of Dream Campaigns, and I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that other people's dream campaigns all sound pretty sweet to me. But on the flip-side, what are the one-shot games you'd love to run, but haven't for whatever reason. Okay, there's less of a barrier to these, and most will have the obvious answer of "well just run it then" but I'm sure we've got some hidden away. For me, I have

Hillfolk Hollywoodland - play as D.W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, and Fats Arbuckle in the sex- and drug-fuelled chaos of 1910s Hollywood. This has been prepped and ready to go for about three years, so I need to stop just waiting for the perfect con and run it.

Urban Jungle - this odd little game is basically anthro noir - you play as anthroporphic animals in 1930s American cities. It's from Sanguine, the guys behind Ironclaw, and the system is neat and fiddly and has cool little twists that I think will emulate noir stuff really well. One for Grogmeet 2019 with its Anthropomorphic Animals theme.

In A Wicked Age... - this is Vincent Baker's sword-and-sorcery short story game. You consult an oracle and play a tight (1-hr) game, then certain elements recur in the next game to produce a series of linked fictions. This had an abortive run out a million years ago at STURP and I went straight home and realised what mistakes I'd made in running it, so I should chuck it out at a con someday. You could easily get three chapters done in a con slot.
My dream one shots are either things I've been intimidated by, things I can't quite work out, or simply things I haven't got round to yet...

But here is a list:

White Rabbit
This involves a late 1960s music festival, and members of the audience suddenly gaining superpowers. First half, playing the mundane characters with mundane problems, second involving some superpowered nonsense including a nascent supervillain and the chance to deal with some of the mundane problems. It needs a suitable soundtrack; I'll have fun with that bit. System...lots of things would work (Wild Talents and Icons are currently in the lead, but Mythic d6 might also work).

Hot War
Original setting. Maybe a slow-burn two part thing, just to cheat and distinguish it a little.

King of Moria
The One Ring. The PCs are all dwarves, and in Moria at the end. And yes, they're all going to die. But how? And can something be preserved in the tragedy?

Dying Earth RPG
Again, playing it straight, in a tale of wit, folly, and selfishness.

Yes, yet another one, played straight, with an SOE mission involving superpowered player characters, heroic action, and nasty moral dilemmas.

Culture War
A Mindjammer scenario involving the Commonality's attempts at cultural adjustment in a society, bringing it into line with the Commonality's own ideals, but also putting an end to all sorts of nastiness. This seems to me to be one of the default set-ups for Mindjammer, but I've still yet to run it this way.