Dragonmeet 2018

Unfortunately we won't make it. Following Paul's father's fall, we have to give a lot of support to his mother and we're usually over there 1st weekend in December to help her with Christmas shopping.

We used to make it (skipping December GradPad), the 1st Novotel meet was the last one we managed to attend. I have to say I wasn't impressed by the location or the crowding; I preferred Kensington Town Hall.
Woot! 🎉
Looks like I’ll be attending Dragonmeet after all.
Bruce Cunnington has offered to give me a lift down on the day as well as staying over on the Saturday night. What a star ⭐️
I’ll be running some Tales from the Loop games.

See you all there?
In terms of Liminal, in the games on the hour room, I'll be running a game from 11:00 to 1:00. Neil Gow will be running a game from 1:00 to 3:00.

Matt Nixon is running a game in the morning slot (9:30 to 1:00). Pete Atkinson will also be running some Liminal, though I can't find it yet on the programme.

At the Wordplay games stand, we'll have copies of the Liminal Quickstart, and a few other games...as well as some lovely framed pieces of Jason Behnke art, including a giveaway for the special prize draw for anyone who buys a copy of the Quickstart and signs up to the mailing list....details to be announced. Some copies of the texts of works in the Liminal line will be there for browsing, including the main rules. It's exciting stuff!