[watching] Doctor Who

Episode 2 was okay...entirely predictable from start to finish and a bit heavy handed at times, but perfectly good fun.

And I really enjoyed the first look at the new Tardis interior. Also...left over Stenza weapons, Stenza conquests, the Stenza Tim Shaw in the first episode...anyone would think the Stenza are going to be a big significant element this season, maybe even a season arc.
There is a "who" shop in Upton Park, East London that has been around forever. I thought this had closed, but as it hasn't I may visit it in a couple of weeks.
When I saw the topic of the episode, I found myself dreading the Who team would end up producing something cringeworthy, overly preachy, or tasteless. I needn't have worried; it was a triumph.

Some anchors need to be dropped, to steal a phrase from TV Tropes.