Continuum Continuum B&B stall


Probably me... I’ll certainly try to be on the stall at peak times (mornings).

Incidentally, I’ve set up an Excel spreadsheet that creates the labels automatically as you fill in your master list so you don’t have to write things twice. It’s probably not worth it for a handful of items, but if you have a stack it saves a lot of effort.

If anyone would like a copy, let me know and I’ll send it across.


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You could also attach the file to a post here.


Yeah, I saw. I think the last time I looked was at least a couple of weeks ago.

Incidentally, if there's there's something you reckon can be improved on, please let me know and I'll tweak the original for next time. I know there's issues with page layout on the labels tab, but because it's Excel there's not much I can do - you're stuck with single-column pagination, you can't do multi-column pagination like you can do in Word. Unfortunately, I don't know Word well enough to recreate the spreadsheet using Word functions if it's possible at all - I suspect that VBA would need to be involved which isn't available on a Mac. It might be possible to do something with changing the paper size to A5 and/or using a 2-page layout instead.