Concrete Cow 18.5

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Saturday 15th September 2018 Doors open at 9.00am, first games start at 10.00am. We'll finish at 11.00pm.

Any roleplaying or board game. You want to play it, bring it along and run it. A full list of games on offer is on the Concrete Cow games page.

If you want to run a game, let us know and we'll put it on the list.

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If you have something in particular you'd like to buy at Concrete Cow, either contact the trader directly, or contact us and we'll pass the message on.

More importantly, there's all the fantastic games gamers who'll be there and all the fantastic games you'll bring along. If you let us know what you're planning to run, we'll put it on the Concrete Cow games page.

Please take a look at the games page for details of the signup system.

(Note that for child protection reasons, under-18s will need to be accompanied by an adult at Concrete Cow.)

The Old Bath House, Wolverton, in the north-west corner of Milton Keynes. The full address is:

The Old Bath House
205 Stratford Road
Milton Keynes
MK12 5RL

£5.00. The costs will just be to cover the cost of hiring the hall. Under 18s are free, but note that we can't take responsibility for them.

We'll be supporting the Alzheimer's Society again with a charity raffle. If you have prizes you'd like to donate, please contact me
Offering for 18.5

Shadows of Esteren

The Factors Fate

A factor on an errand for a merchant known to the characters has gone missing. The merchant writes to the characters and requests they investigate, and recover and if possible deliver the package the missing man was carrying.

Hi Amy. I'd like to offer the following game for the morning session of Concrete Cow on September 15th:-

A Week of Kindness

It was a great party: drinking, dancing, surrealists throwing hissy fits… but now Max has been taken into hospital, Breton has threatened to excommunicate everyone involved and Sandrine from Le Batifol says you have a week to pay for the flood damage to her premises.

Can you save surrealism from the success of Une semaine de bonté?


• Claude Cahun
• Robert Desnos
• Valentine Hugo
• Kiki de Montparnasse
• Man Ray
• Tristan Tzara

Dreamhounds of Paris (Trail of Cthulhu): scenes of moderate horror, nudity and violence.

GM: Mathew (Abstract Machine)
Players: 3-5

Many thanks, see you there.