[generic] Conan, what is best in...?

... superhero RPGs?

Answer in classic Conan style by naming 3 features or aspects of the subject
Name 3 things you like; no negative answers, please
Don't criticise the question or other people's answers (well, you can, obviously, but maybe go and do it in another thread if you feel that strongly about it?)
Don't just name games: in fact, try to avoid referring to any specific game in your answer

Here's my answer:
Flexing your amazing superpowers
Saving bystanders from danger
Having great team dynamics
Having a juxtaposition between mundane and super life
Showing (or ignoring) the impact of superpowers on the modern world
Tussling with moral dilemmas and being open to solving them with improbable fist fights and super science without getting worried about petty nonsense like logic or internal consistency!
World building....the modern world (or even better for me, a historic era or at least not the modern USA) with potentially over the top weird stuff going on.

"With great power comes great responsibility"- people with big powers trying to do the right thing and facing moral conundrums.

Fun with deconstruction (which might not be so much fun for major fans of superheroes, but I need an element of that for it to be fun for me).
Righting wrong's. Then finding out that the wrong was not so wrong and you need to make that right. :)
Exploring what happens to people who get the extraordinary amount of attention they would have.
Working out snazzy ways to use powers...on the players.