[none] Closing threads

Recently “The Managment” (Hale and Pace, anyone?) actively closed a thread when it was deemed the OP had been answered.

Can I just say I’m in favour of this positive management intervention?

Apart from anything else it makes a clear statement about the structure of this forum, contributes to it having its own clear personality and creates some clear blue sky between it and other meeting places.


They used to do it a heck of a lot on the Forge, for exactly the same reason and avoided a lot of flamewars/threadjacking as a result of it.

I used to do it when i ran a board for D101 Games (where you could hear the tumbleweed roll past) and it was good for the soul. That board died a death because the trolls we got in (who were bigger fans of the games I wrote/produced than me!) thought it was their god given right to argue the toss even when the original post was answered in a civil manner. I took the reasoning, why should I spend time I could be writing/producing games to be repeatedly kicked in the ego? :D

I also felt that in previous incarnations of this place, this sort of policy should have been enforced, so its good to see it now :)

So thumbs up :)
I am going to be the voice of dissention on this I’m afraid. Locking a thread because one person has answered it, when there well might be other people with valid points to make, but not the time to provide them immediately, has the potential to greatly stifle discussion and can act as a deterrent from people visiting in the first place.

Threads that are rampantly running out of control are another matter and even then, I would prefer a warning be given first, with locking them being a tool of last result.

Just my 2p worth.

- Neil.


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I would always prefer to foster chat and civil debate. Sometimes a thread simply needs to end and I reserve the right to make that judgement and also to not overly explain why.