[PbtA] City of Mist strangely absent...


So, I was looking at the Revelation 2019 timetable and there's no City of Mist games. After the size of the Kickstarter, and Revelation being PbtA focused, I'm surprised. Now, I know that some of it is driven by the fact that there are a number of 2 or 3 session games (I'm doing a two session Legacy: Life Amongst the Ruins game on Sunday and my first choice for Saturday is Steve Ellis' 3 part game of SCUP) but I would have expected to see more. It also didn't get run at Furnace.

Or are there a lot of people like me who were put off by the hardback telephone directory core book and/or the second Kickstarter coming before the first is fully fulfilled (and partly to cover the stretch goals from the first)?

I do want to play this; I tried a game that I enjoyed at Continuum, but it was still with the Starter Set (which is not quite the same as the game that they finally released, hence they are doing a new starter set).

Where is the love?

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I didn't go for it, though it looked super. A combination of Kickstarter glutt and that I don't do super heroes or Cthulhu.

I'm sure it is a good game. Did the size and weight affect perceptions of playability? Or detract the usual simplicity of the engine?

Are there just a lot of pbta and a small sample of GMs?

Really questions for those who actually got it on their shelves. :)
Personally Superhero games are like kryptonite to me. I would never play in any superhero game and when a won a copy of the Mists QS in a raffle i gave it away.