[none] ChromeOS 70 - new features


In case you're wondering where the 'clear all notifications' has gone, you need to scroll up on the tray with the notifications to reveal it, as shown here.

Screenshot 2018-11-05 at 21.39.58.png

This video from Chrome Unboxed is also useful if you have a touchscreen Chromebook that does tablet mode as it explains how to multitask and split screen.

This is where Newt gets confused as I'm not talking MacOS.
Thanks for sharing the video and tips. It's just popped up on my Chromebook (Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431), which is my main daily machine these days. This doesn't have tablet mode so I won't get to play with many of the new features. Personally, not totally sure about the new look, but that might just be natural resistance to change!


I keep on wishing that there was an option to shrink the dock (sorry 'shelf') icons but then I remember that they are touch targets.

I'm on my second Chromebook, both have been Lenovo models aimed at education (which I've got because the build quality is excellent). I absolutely love my N23 Yoga (which can go tablet mode and they've also just released a more lightweight version under a new name for the non-school audience), and the N22 I had before has become my eldest's first computer.

If I had the money, I'd have a MacBook Pro, but I don't at the moment so this makes a great portable machine.

The two Lenovos I've had remind me both of my PowerBook 190cs and my PowerBook G4 12", which were amongst my favourite computers ever. The Guvnor commented that the latest was the kind of machine that he imagined me with. I'm not quite sure that I quite understood that, but I took it as a positive.
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I keep on wishing that there was an option to shrink the dock (sorry 'shelf') icons but then I remember that they are touch targets.
Of course, I hadn't twigged, that was my feeling too straight away - I've not got a touch screen and so didn't even cross my mind.
Just added the Linux capability to mine. Never played with Linux, any suggestions about what might be worth installing? Just put GIMP on it as I've missed this since switching from the PC.
I think so, although I'll be honest Linux is a whole new world to me so I might be misunderstanding things.
Just trying to install the Gnome Software Center which I'm presuming is like Google Play or other app stores.


The Linux capabilities haven't been added across the board yet, although I'm pleased that they recently spotted a build for the MediaTek ARM CPUs on the development channel which means that they are coming to mine sometime soon. If I can get GIMP and Inkscape on this machine that'd be really useful.
Now got GIMP running on mine. Surprised at how smoothly its working, did wonder with my Chromebook not really being designed for running full programmes as such, rather applications in a browser, how well it would manage the heavy lifting. Really chuffed as this was the main thing I'd been missing to date.