[reading] Bye bye Google+

It's been a great platform for RPG's so a shame to see it go. I've hated using Facebook for games, as it was harder to compartmentalize and keep separate from everything else - my auntie Pat, doesn't need a notification that I've asked a rules question on a RPG

A lot seem to be migrating to MeWe
I like the look of MeWe, although it does confuse a little having posts and chat meaning that you may have to search in two places for information. It is clean and clear of ads etc. which I appreciate.
I agree - no "so-called" social media for me either. Forums, much better. The times I tried G+ I could never find anything and it all just seemed a heap with no structure. Right from the start I never wanted to give my data away to big companies if I could help it.


I tried MeWe and its all a bit flat and tumbleweeds. Matt Finch and some other OSR Folk had a chat with the head bod at MeWe and made suggestions on how it could be adapted to meet the needs of G+ roleplayers. But It will take a good 3-6 months for any of that to come through. For now I've got a D101 Gaming community and a profile, but more as placeholders for if/when MeWe matures and becomes busy.

In the meantime I'm going to be concentrating on my blog/website outside of the walled garden that is social media. I noticed recently while I've pretty much neglected my blog that is 10+ years old, I've fallen into the habbit of writing blog style posts on Farcebook. This needs to be reversed!!! :D


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Please do, we can, will and do feed all our friend's blogs thru here as a kind of syndication thing, increases your audience and richens the experience here.