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I thought losing the boiler was bad, but it is as nothing to inadequate Broadband and inconsistent WiFi in the house. Broadband pressure. Our Apple user keeps getting Wifi drop out, and we are MBS miles away from our minimum guaranteed connection speed. The baleful looks and righteous indignation increased and so, with mounting pressure, I called our broadband provider, Plusnet, to see what was going on.

It turns out that although I got the Fibre Extra, the best that I could, we were capped at Fibre Less (or whatever the pricing reduction point was called). Taylor sorted me out with some skill and dedication. We are to be uncapped and given financial credit for the over paying for a service that we weren't getting. The saving will help me to fund a coat for Carmel.

I am investigating a replacement Router too, and a WiFi booster, though I don't think there is anything wrong with the signal strength anywhere in the house. Putting a box with flashing lights upstairs might help people to believe that things will be better. All shows I'm willing and useful.

That is today's big victory. I am celebrating by creating a final Vagabonds of Dyfed character for Revelation followed by a wander out in the fresh air.

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