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Love the game themed dice. Not essential but do some of the cognitive heavy lifting for the chucking.
I should have borrowed yours. I constructed different types of dice from my random collection but always had to think carefully about what I was looking at after each roll, regardless of how much I’d concentrated on my classification beforehand.

Though next time I could bring my small d6 (acquired for Wordplay) and use those for base dice. They’re distinctive enough!
The dice are great; they really add visual spectacle to the game.
It's early days in getting a feel for how the rolls work and how fragile our characters are.
Starting characters seem to struggle to get their 10 points of skills across 16 skills; we'll see how that changes as our characters gain in experience - assuming they don't die first...

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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1. This is the location start point of the campaign, as the heroes leave the trade caravan and head west from the heart of the wilds of the Forbidden Lands in search of The Hollows.
2. Orcs surround an Elfspring armed only with a lyre. The orcs are dispatched by the players and the Elfspring tells a tale of his love, bound in an emerald and of a great crown artefact. He declares himself to be Merigall, his strange yellow eyes speak of something otherworldly. He claims to be very old and there is something about the way he tells his story that suggests he is not entirely to be trusted.
3. The Hollows, a village built on a resting place of restless dead. A home is found, supplies are traded, deals struck, chased by ghosts, a misadventure with boats and a return to understand the mystery of the shunned old temple on the hill.

We are just getting used to the system. Characters are fragile in an RQ sense, but not ridiculously so. Nobody needed to throw their emergency d12 of Pride and the orcs were dispatched fairly quickly, though not without some significant wounds. Characters are pushing rolls, gaining Willpower, breaking weapons and weighing up options. Resources are being managed. Experience was gained, but probably needs another session or two before it can be spent.

We had much fun, much laughter and looking forward to the next adventure.