Contingency 2 Weeks to ConTingency

In 2 weeks time ConTingency will be underway (although for some it starts on Monday, I guess). I hope lots of us are attending, it's a great time.

Here's a list of games that I'll be offering this year (details on Warhorn or just ask me, seats in every game reserved for on the day sign ups). I'll also have Fiasco and Intrepid with me, in case I find myself and a small bunch of like-minded people at a loose end.

Slot 3 (Wed Eve) Midnight Watch for Is It A Plane!?
Diceless superhero RPG

Slot 4 (Thurs Morn) The Legend Of The Glas Gaivlen for Tuatha De Danaan
Celtic myth game based on the Monkey system

Slot 6 (Thurs Eve) Murder on the Orient Express for NoirWorld
Film noir rotating GM PbtA game

Slot 7 (Fri Morn) The Schooling of Tomomi for Manifold
Magical Girl Anime adventure

Slot 8 (Fri Afternoon) The Free Men Of Mars for Manifold
Martian Colony Steampunk

Slot 9 (Fri Eve) Into The Dolls House for Fate
Steampunk adventure

Slot 11 (Sat Afternoon) All The Water On Mars for Manifold
Martian Colony Steampunk

Slot 12 (Sat Eve) The Dolls of the Fathers for Fate
Steampunk adventure
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