[generic] Your game of the decade?

The 2010s are nearly over, so what do you nominate as your game of the decade? There are two categories - actual published games, and specific one-shots/campaigns, and you can nominate as many as you like. The only reward is the chin-stroking and nodding of your comrades as they celebrate your gaming highlights.
For me, my game is 13th Age - in many ways, the game that made me enjoy running D&D (although it's not D&D) again. A joy to run, joy to play (not often enough - thanks to Baz, Andrew Watson and CJ for my only opportunities) and a joy to prep for.

Specific games, I have two - Steve Ellis' awesome Dracula Dossier at Longcon and Neil Gow's Gleeville both blew my mind about how exciting, moving, and affecting RPGs can be. There's a bit in the first VTM book where Mark Rein-Hagen talks about how playing RPGs can sometimes be amazing life-changing experiences, and both of these games fell into those categories. In both cases (although to take nothing away from Steve and Neil) the players were a big part of it as well, everyone bringing their A-game to the table (or mic) and playing generously.
For me, it's Fate Accelerated. It's changed gaming for me by giving me my 'GURPS' in a format and style that fits with my own.

In terms of games played? Wow, that's a tough one because 2010 just seems like yesterday. I'd say that The Fall of House Barolo using ASOIAF RPG was the perfect storm of players and story and zeitgeist, with Tom, Andrew and Duncan playing a blinder.

The Watch (using Fate Accelerated) was up there too. That was a game world creation of beauty.

I'm not sure about others. I'll have a deeper think!
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I have a Dr Who scenario that I’ve run dozens of times over 5 years which has had some really stunning climaxes.

Before I state the most memorable, here’s an epic fail. Marcus Rowland quote “So, if we hadn’t turned up, the outcome would have been exactly the same?” (A la Raiders of the Lost Ark.)

Best one, though. At muster we were short a player so a wonderful guy I’ve never seen before or since joined in. Alongside a gene-accelerated dog janitor from the future (with martial arts skills) and a demigod and at least one character I’ve forgotten, he chose to play a super fast superhero called “Quickstep”. (These were NOT pregens.)

Climax - nuclear explosion. BOOM! Everyone dead. Quickstep outruns the blast. EVERYONE turns to him as one and shouts: “Quick! Run round the planet really, REALLY fast.....”

Needed a ludicrously high roll. Got it of course.

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Has to be 13th Age for 'pure' Fantasy and Numenera for 'Science Fantasy'. That's for the HOG. Personally; The 'Hostile' setting for solo gaming. For a quick and easy fall-back simple Game; Savage Worlds (1930's pulp) or Superhero (SQUK).


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The best games I've played this decade are:

At Cons
  • The Dracula Dossier - brilliantly run by Steve Ellis at Longcon with a fantastic group of fellow players.
  • Cartel run at Revelation by @nclarke was also a massive high for me. This four-hour game felt like we were in a mini-series and encouraged me to back the (not-yet delivered) Kickstarter.
  • The Darkening of Mirkwood - a slow-burning, multi-year campaign run by @dr_mitch with @Jagusti, Elena and myself around for the whole campaign of The One Ring. Played on Hangouts.
  • The Esoterrorists - Albion's Ransom and Worldbreaker. Both run by Richard Lock, with @dr_mitch and others in the playing group. This convinced me about Gumshoe and was the backbone of much of my gaming. Played on Hangouts.

I'll ponder more on systems.
Best campaign I ran this decade was using a hybridized RQ3 in a home-brew fantasy setting heavily inspired by the Ancient Near East. All the pieces fell together for that one, and we managed to bring it to a satisfying close. Best campaign I was a player in was Lawrence Whitaker's Mythic Britain playtest campaign, which I would like to go back to one day.

Best one-shots I ran are: (1) The Dance in the Blood for Trail of Cthulhu is a published scenario by Graham Walmsley, and (2) High Strung on Downbeat Station, a scenario I created for the High Strung game. Both featured amazing role-playing by the characters and captured the intended mood of the scenario very well. Best One-Shot I played in (actually, maybe it was a 3-session arc) was a Dying Earth setting (homebrew rules) scenario run by Lawrence Whitaker in which we played characters who tricked a small community into helping us by selling them blocks of 'future time' with which they could prolong their lives and forestall the dying of the earth.

If I had to go with a 'published game of the decade' it would have to be Mythras - I played and written more for that game any other.
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My best game of the decade was at my first RPG Convention which was Furnace 2014. The brilliant GM, Darren Sims dazzled us with the movie scroll of classic Star Wars, before getting us ready to roll funky dice for The Edge of the Empire adventure. The system was fun, heroic and acton packed. Win, win, win!!!


Then, lo and behold, at the convention raffle, I also won the Star Wars Age of Rebellion core book, using the same dice mechanics I learned earlier that weekend. Plus, the ruleset is the one designed by Jay Little, that further piqued my interest in his narrative dice mechanics for the 2d20 games line of Modiphius Entertainment (Conan and Star Trek, especially). And evidence you can be both a Star Wars and Star Trek fan, harmoniously.

So, yes, 2014 A.D. was the pivotal moment I switched from being an online Eberron DM to a convention-circuit Star Wars and 2d20 GM.
For me, it's Fate Accelerated. It's changed gaming for me by giving me my 'GURPS' in a format and style that fits with my own.

In terms of games played? Wow, that's a tough one because 2010 just seems like yesterday. I'd say that The Fall of House Barolo using ASOIAF RPG was the perfect storm of players and story and zeitgeist, with Tom, Andrew and Duncan playing a blinder.

The Watch (using Fate Accelerated) was up there too. That was a game world creation of beauty.

I'm not sure about others. I'll have a deeper think!
Is "A Song of Ice and Fire" a good game system mechanically? I never played it but enjoy The Game of Thrones. Saw the book at a bring-and-buy some time ago but avoided temptation.


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The games I have played a lot over the last decade have been Traveller, RQ6/Mythras Savage Worlds, 13th Age, 5e D&D, ASOIF, Symbaroum and Fate Accelerated.

As a GM I loved running Traveller Pirates of Drinax online. I have had two excellent Savage campaigns, one Fantasy and one SF. I ran Zelkasar with RQ6/Mythras for two different groups for a year. I have run multiple 13th Age one offs and I am almost a year into my 5e campaign of Faerun/Dolmenwood. This decade I have been proud to run long complex campaigns between 9-18 months and to have focused.

As a player we played in a year of 13th Age from 1-10 levels. We played the Tyranny of Dragons in 5e. Alaa ran his deep and rich 5e online game. Then there is the Symbaroum campaign that we have been delighting in for ever. But the height of the gaming decade as a player has been the ASOIF House of Barolo. Not so much because of the system, but the sheer quality of the GM-ing and the playing.

So. Drum roll. My role-playing game of the decade was...

13th Age!
So I guess I need to play it more.. it's the game that made D&D fun for me, opening the path for 5e. Thing is, although I play and run a lot of 5e, 13A is more fun for me.
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I did not know Campaigns were on the menu?

By The Emperor, I ran a two year Warhammer 40,000 campaign inspiring imperial conquests of strange new worlds and the purge of xemos civilizations on same.

It was a grimdark blast. All to ensure the dominance of the ambitious Rogue Trader Algerov dynasty and the loyalist crew of The Donnager.
One-shots played. There have been some really good ones, at cons and TomCons, though many of them I struggle to remember whether they were this decade or last decade. One that really sticks out in my memory was one of Dom's games of Wordplay: Singularities, where we were ordered to perform nefarious deeds for the greater good, our team leader had sold us out, and - we ended up refusing said nefarious deeds. Really good roleplaying.

I'd also like to mention Tom's Talislanta game and an early game of Monkey that Newt ran, but I have no idea whether they were this decade or the previous one.

If it counts as a one shot, the weekend-long game of Dracula Dossier for Night's Black Agents at LongCon has to feature as one of the best games I've ever played.

Campaigns played.... I'm going to say Albion's Ransom for Esoterrorists and the Ashen Stars game - and I'm now playing a part 2.

I suppose I should mention things run. There are two convention one-shots I remember fondly - firstly a Wild Talents: Kerberos Club game which had the heroes embarking on a mission to rescue kidnapped Victorian urchins who had been abducted into faerie - and deciding they were better off in faerie than the streets of London. Then there was a game of Transhuman Space, converted to Fate, which had a dubious cargo, and a long space chase through the asteroid belt. It was tenser than I've made it sound, and the PC's decision to do the right but difficult thing was quite moving.

And for a longer convention game, there was the One Ring at the first LongCon.

Moving onto campaigns, I feel like I've run some good ones...
An 8 session Age of Arthur campaign.
The reign of the mad emperor in Legend of the Five Rings.
The Final Revelation for Trail of Cthulhu.
The Darkening of Mirkwood for the One Ring.

Of those, if I have to choose I'm going to choose The Darkening of Mirkwood.

So what about games? Fate, Night's Black Agents, and the One Ring were games I was most in love with at different parts of the decade, from beginning to end. I think it's going to have to be the One Ring, both for two stirring campaign experiences, and the sheer feel and quality of every book in the line.

Liminal also has been truly special to me, but that's another matter.
After considerable thought, and more mulling than a German market's worth of glühwein, I don't think I have a favourite that was published in the last decade. Favourite for playing and running (mostly running) remains Marcus L. Rowland's Forgotten Futures, which has sparked more adventure ideas than anything else I own. Stringing a few of Marcus' adventures together developed into a complete campaign setting for me, along with more scenario sketches than I think I'll ever actually get to run.
I'm going to say Savage Worlds. Not because I particularly because of Savage Worlds, but because it was the first game I ran after many years away from the hobby. After a drunken conversation with school friends at birthday drinks, where my re-found interest in RPGs was shared by many old friends, this was the game I ran for several months.

Jumping on the bandwagon as well, 13th Age, and The One Ring also get honourable mentions as well as Whitehack.