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First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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Writing is well underway for Wordplay 2nd Edition, set in Dramaguhl: City on the edge of Nowhere. We're hoping to have much of the text in the bag by the end of the Summer. These thread will have occasional pontifications and slices from the draft text.

I'm currently finishing off the core game rules. To a large extent they are now done, only needing some examples to confirm how to approach things. Once this book is done there will be a short tome called Wordplay Essence, which will have the core rules without any setting, but with ideas on how to apply the game to any setting.

Weapons, Armour and Shields
Don’t worry too much about exacting lists of weapons armour and other equipment of warfare. The equipment bonus Trait of 1-5 dice can encompass this with some forethought. Here are some suggested Traits with their values:

Battleworn spear and ragged leather armour 1
A good blade and trusty armour 2
The finest of Republican armour and master forged sword 3​
Signature, powerful or legendary named weapons may have even higher value Traits, or may benefit from the effects of Scale.

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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Here's my first character sheet for Wordplay 2 with the revised numbers. Cadmus is for my Palmyra game and already has two significant and one major advancement, upping one of his Attributes and a number of his Traits. He'll be on 11 dice for core combat checks, which is heading for top end in the new system.

You'll see the core game rules at the bottom of the sheet. Much the same as ever, but with just one personal Trait allowed and leveraging one scene trait if it helps. An opponent flaw or damage trait may also help.