Winter StabCon Fri 3rd Jan - Sun 5th Jan 2020



I always start my year with the wonderful StabCon.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it this year. But I don’t want to miss it off my blog. I tried to convince someone to write a report for me but haven’t received one yet.

As usual it was at cheap hotel in Stockport. Well organised. Runs like a dream. Mainly board games but with a strong TTRPG track - especially once you’ve been there a couple of times and gotten your feet under the table. I was getting close to capacity a few years back but numbers were slightly down this time so if you fancy getting into this one, you should have few problems I highly recommend it.

One of the things I’m going to do on my blog this year is to give you details of how much conventions cost me to attend. Though this will vary depending upon where you live, hopefully the comparative figures will give you and idea of what kind of value there events offer.

As you know, I didn’t attend StabCon this year so this will be an estimate.

Return train fare from Birmingham under £30 for an open return. You can shave money off this by booking advance singles.

Two nights accommodation - booked through the convention - under £100 including breakfast. You can sometimes get these rooms cheaper through Hotel Booking sites especially if you leave it until the last minute. However, for the small saving I prefer to have it sorted by the con organisers. Seems impolite not to. And if you leave it too late to get the very best deals you run the risk of the hotel booking out.

Convention entry costs £15 for the weekend. Single days are available but why bother?

The special convention menu at the hotel is very reasonable. Two meals a day, less than £20 total. Free tea and coffee.

I didn’t get the cost of a pint of lager but I remember it being very cheap.

Factoring in taxis from the station, I’d guess my total costs would be a little over £200. Less than £240.

Over the weekend I can play 6 four hour games.

Cost per game £40.
Cost per hour £10.

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