[listening] What's On The Turntable?

Just replaced my vinyl 80's stuff by Eloy (German space-prog rock.) Got Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes, Planets, Time to Turn and Metromania as MP3's; waiting for Performance as a CD import.
Must get some of their later stuff (and they are still going), but hearing this again after so long is soooooo good!
This week I have had Moonlight Benjamin - Simido on heavy rotation.
It’s described as “Voodo Blues Rock” from Haiti/France - really strong voice and driving guitar, and if I had to describe “voodoo blues rock from Haiti/France” (happens at least weekly...) this would now be my goto example.
Initial introduction courtesy of the Shrewsbury Folk Festival online over the weekend; but ongoing enjoyment thanks to Spotify [other streaming services are available]
Rick Wakeman - The Red Planet
Rick returning to his 1970's days of The Six Wives and King Arthur - using Minimoogs, Hammonds, Church Organ etc. Instrumental album. He's playing with the English Rock Ensemble (Guitar, Bass, Drums). Some parts sound like 1970's YES.
He's 71 and can still play like this!
New Idles Lp - Ultra Mono.

Very loud, very inventive, very angry in a positive way (?) , punk for the 21st century.

Mr Motivator which originally came out mid lockdown is my war-song for when I need to get it up and going :D



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Second track "Innadadance" from the forthcoming Faithless album "All Blessed: dropped and it doesn't disappoint. That's 2/2 so far. Not listened enough to decide if I prefer "Synthesizer" more.

Two tracks also available from the forthcoming (but sadly not until 2021) Maximo Park album "Nature Always Wins". I like "Child of the Flatlands" more than "Baby, Sleep" but they're both great. "Child of the Flatlands" definitely follows on from the protest songs of "Risk to Exist" but there's a sad, almost nostalgic quality (and it's MP going slow, which always sounds great).

Nathan introduced me to Alan Walker's remix of Time by Hans Zimmer (from Inception) which is excellent and right up my street.

Back to listening to Alestorm (pirate heavy metal). Arr!
Seriously, if I'm feeling down, then I listen to Alestorm. They are brilliant musicians; the songs are good (all pirate-themed) - but, most importantly, they seem to be really enjoying themselves.

"Who -hoa, in Oban he was raised. He drank a bucket full of rum every single day" ('Fanybaws' - 'Curse of the Crystal Coconut')